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do you have the wnzr app?

WNZR, in partnership with JacApps, has smartphone apps for both Apple and Android devices.

You can find WNZR on the iTunes App Store 

or Google Play - Click Here!

WNZR can also be found on the TuneIn Radio appClick Here!

Take WNZR with you wherever you GO! 

Did you know that you can record a message for WNZR on the app?
Choose the “Open Mic” option to send us an audio recording. 

Choose the “Submit Media” option to send us

a video. 

Share a testimony or prayer request with us.
Tell us about your favorite song.
Tell us how God is working in your life.
Tell us how God is helping to keep you in

the moment.

Share YOUR story with us by using the

WNZR App. 

We want to hear from you for Lifeline 2022!
Can you send us a message and answer these questions?
How has God used the ministry of WNZR to impact your life?
How have you seen God Keep Hope Alive? 

Be part of this special time in our ministry.
Lifeline 2022, March 23rd through the 28th on WNZR.  

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