Front Row:
Joe Rinehart, MacKenzie Holder, Allison Prouty, Zoe Bricker, Catherine Haws, Alyssa Sidle, Kelsi Brake,

and Marcy Rinehart

Middle Row:
Dallas Stone, Ricky Geyer, Todd McKinley, Wesley Boston, Dylan Elliott, Ben Alexander, Daniel Skrzypchak, Brogan Campbell and Lexie Merritt

Back Row:
Brandon Ehrenberg, Grant Stelzer, Wes McClellan, Hunter Sutyak, Dana Hicks, Jonathon Langdon, Grant Hauger and Hunter Hines

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From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., we will break from regular programming to spend the day praising the Lord and praying for the needs of our community. Please be part of this special day. Fill out the form below.