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The NEEDS for Lifeline 2023:

In a ‘normal’ year, the total costs to operate WNZR on a day-to-day basis over a 12-month period are usually in the $110-120,000 range. This does NOT include Joe and Marcy Rinehart’s salaries. Marcy is a full-time staff member of Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Joe is a full-time faculty member.


Lifeline 2021 and 2022 were such a blessing. When you helped us meet and exceed our goal, you gave us some margin to absorb some financial realities, namely the bump in student wages, replacing Big Blue’s vinyl wrap and replacing a few microphone processors and hard drives that failed.


Lifeline 2022 has a pledged total of Just over $83,383! Over $18,000 over goal! The return on those pledges is over $79,000 and we can’t say thank you enough!


Because of Lifeline 2022, we didn’t need to raise our goal for 2023. You met the need and more, helped us meet Ohio’s adjustment in pay for our part-time students, met equipment and maintenance needs, and allowed us to plan ahead.


Our goal is always to be good stewards of MVNU’s support, sponsor support, and listener support. MVNU provides about 21% of our operating budget, with business underwriting providing another 25% and Lifeline around 54%.


What does Lifeline help us do? Mainly, it supports our staffing, including our full-time Assistant Station Manager, our part-time (25 hrs/week) office manager, and a student staff, made up of around eight Leadership Team members, 4 summer staff members and students who fill in during holiday breaks.


Lifeline also helps maintain our station vehicle, Big Blue, helps handle the licensing costs for our online streaming services, our website and app hosting, and includes maintenance of the equipment we use to broadcast to Knox County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, including some of our video streaming.


We know we can’t do it without you!


Because of you, we’ve been able to:

- Start online audio streaming at in 2003

- FCC license renewals in 2004, 2012 and 2020

- Hire a part-time Office Manager in 2009

- Purchase Big Blue in 2009

- Increase signal strength in 2011

- Start online video streaming of Cougar Sports in 2011 on

- Develop an Android and iTunes app and upgrade it in 2017

- Partner with MVNU to hire an Assistant Station Manager in 2018

- Re-wrap Big Blue in the summer of 2022


WNZR’s desire is to go beyond being a typical college radio station and be a ministry to the community. We want our students to experience a real, everyday application of fulfilling MVNU’s mission: shaping lives by educating with an emphasis on Christ-likeness, lifelong learning and service. We also feel this approach is the best way for our students to learn the skills they need to be relevant communicators in a world that needs the good news of Jesus Christ!


And with your response to Lifeline fundraisers over the years, you’ve sent us a STRONG message: keep doing what you’re doing! Nevertheless, we need your continued partnership!


Our needs for 2023 include these approximate costs:


· 51% of the hourly rate for our full-time production director and underwriting coordinator.

· 100% of the hourly rate for our office manager, Catherine Haws. These additions allow Marcy to focus more on the programming and outreach responsibilities at the station. WNZR covers the salary and MVNU will cover the benefit package. TOTAL COST: $21,000

· Financial support of our WNZR Student leadership team during the school year, summer and breaks. This includes student hosts on The Morning Thing and The Afternoon Drive. COST $35,000

· Online music streaming fees. COST: $600

· Website and smartphone app services COST: $4,500


These costs total over $65,000, but your generous overflow in giving in 2021-22 will allow us to meet all of these needs if we can meet our 2023 goal. With your support, we can continue to reach our community with the

awesome message of Christ and His love! Thank you for all you have done to support WNZR through prayer and finances.


With gratitude,


Joe Rinehart

Marcy Rinehart

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