Lifeline 2021 Theme

Over the past 34 years, WNZR has made a daily effort to share the love of God and his faithfulness through Christian music and programs. The support of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, combined with your prayer and financial giving, has allowed WNZR to grow and reach new people every day.


We are grateful for you!


Lifeline 2020, even at the outset of a pandemic, resulted in an incredible response from you as we shared a theme of “Echo.” Lifeline 2020 reminded us that nothing takes God by surprise. He simply asks us to continue to echo His voice and His love, even when faced with uncertain circumstances.


Your support of Lifeline 2020 has helped us maintain a year-round student staff, have a full-time production and underwriting coordinator, meet FCC obligations, make equipment upgrades and replacements, and expand our reach through digital media.


For Lifeline 2021, our staff is embracing the theme Keep Me in the Moment,”

a song by Jeremy Camp. This song became so timely as we navigated through the uncertainties of the last 12 months. Despite the challenges and disruptions, we still strive to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. We don’t want to miss what He can do with and through us. It is a clear call to ‘throw away’ other distractions we might be tempted to chase after.


At WNZR, we have been blessed with your support, more so this past year than ever before. That support allows us to keep giving MVNU students an incredible real-life classroom to learn and improve their skills; it gives us opportunities to expand our reach beyond the campus; but most importantly, it allows us to focus on what we're all about — providing a Christ-centered message that uplifts, strengthens and encourages you and your family.


Your continued financial support of WNZR through Lifeline 2021 is vital. It helps us share the message of God’s love through music and programs. In this moment, we are asking for your partnership in that endeavor. Please pray about becoming a ministry partner with WNZR.


Lifeline 2021 is March 24-29, and we have set a goal of $65,000.

Will you help us reach that goal?


You can give right now. Click HERE. 


You can also give by calling 740-392-9090, Option #1 or send an email to

If you are interested in automatic withdrawal from your bank, please tell the WNZR representative when you call or email.