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Lifeline 2024 Theme:

Over the past 37 years, WNZR has made a daily effort to share the love of God and his faithfulness through Christian music and programs. The support of our home, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, combined with your prayer and financial giving, has allowed WNZR to grow and reach new people every day.


We are grateful for you! 

For Lifeline 2024, our staff is doing a reset as we head into the Easter season with our theme, “I Believe It,” and our theme verse, John 3:16. Jon Reddick’s song serves as a declaration of faith and trust in God's power to work miracles and fulfill His promises. We are resetting ourselves on a firm belief that He loves us, is always present and is working for the good of His people! 


At WNZR, we have been blessed with your support. Your gifts allow us to keep giving MVNU students an incredible real-life classroom to learn and improve their skills. Your support gives us opportunities to expand our reach beyond the campus, and most importantly, allows us to focus on what we're all about: providing a Christ-centered message that uplifts, strengthens and encourages you and your family. 


Your generous giving specifically helps us continue to maintain a year-round student staff, have a full-time Assistant Station Manager and a part-time Office Manager, meet FCC obligations, make equipment upgrades and replacements, and expand our reach through digital media. Plus, your recent overflow of support allows us to keep planning for the future! 


Please pray about becoming a ministry partner with WNZR. Lifeline 2024 is Easter week – March 25 to March 28. Our goal is $70,000. Will you help us reach that goal? 

You can give right now. Click HERE


You can also give by calling 740-392-9090, Option #1 or send an email to

If you are interested in automatic withdrawal from your bank, please tell the WNZR representative when you call or email.

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Joe Rinehart

MVNU Director of Broadcasting

Marcy Rinehart

WNZR Station Manager

Alyssa Sidle

WNZR Assistant Station Manager

Sue MacDonald

WNZR Office Manager

Student Statements


"I Believe It is such a great theme for this time because it gives us the opportunity to reflect on why we believe. Through Lifeline 2024, you are going to be connected with powerful testimonies and statements of faith. However, the biggest story of them all is Jesus' resurrection from the dead, and the theme I Believe It is perfect to think and pray upon the week before Easter Sunday.”

Senior Jonathon Langdon of Ashland, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“I Believe It is the foundation of our faith. We gain life through our belief in what Jesus did on the cross. I Believe is a term that promotes life and positivity. There is nothing better to believe in than the message of salvation.”

Senior Ricky Geyer of Fremont, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“I Believe It points back to the heart of the gospel. What does it mean to be a believer? It means to believe in the resurrection, and to believe that Christ came down to live, walk and speak amongst those He would inevitably die for. It means to believe that He conquered the grave and rose again and that because of it, we now have the opportunity for new life.”

Senior Josiah Sidle of Lusaka, Zambia

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


"I Believe It is a powerful statement. Not only do we get to believe in the creator of the universe, but we believe in a God who believes in us. I Believe It is such a powerful song. The bridge talks about letting the earth rejoice and the fact that He is worthy of all our praises!"

Senior Zoe Bricker of Powell, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“I Believe It means that we are showing gratitude to a God who believes is us. When we believe, we are showing that we trust in His power, kindness, and wisdom.”

Senior Zach Baur of Columbus, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“Our theme this year is a powerful one, especially during the Easter season. During Easter the world gets to see and hear about this incredible story of sacrifice, death, and triumph. Today we stand as the witnesses of Christ's act on the cross. We declare to the world that we believe it! It's not just a story, it is the real-life testimony of a savior that lived, died, and rose again for everyone. I cling to that testimony everyday knowing that I have a savior who loves me beyond all I could ask or imagine."

Alyssa Sidle of Pickerington, OH

WNZR Assistant Station Manager
Co-Host of The Morning Thing


"I Believe It is such a simple yet foundational statement relating to our faith. The rock of our beliefs, that Jesus is indeed our Lord and Savior, and sets us free in new life, completely hinges on one core idea: that we believe He is the Lord. I believe in Jesus, His Life, and the saving grace He provides. I Believe It."

Junior Judah Keith of Jacksonville, FL

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“I Believe It means I have the ability of being saved, forgiven, and accepted into the kingdom of Heaven. It means that I am loved by God so much that He would send His one and only son to take my place on the cross, so that I can spend eternity with Him.”

Sophomore Kai Mays of Delaware, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“I Believe It means that everything Jesus did here on earth is true and He is still alive and breathing the same way in my life today. I believe that He came, He died, and He's coming back again!”

Senior Isaac Curtis of Severn, MD

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“I Believe It is the meaning of faith. It is trust and commitment to God every day of our lives. It is a choice that we make on good days and bad days. No matter what, God is always the answer and I Believe It.”

Freshman Shawn Williamson of Grove City, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“We are excited to host Lifeline 2024 the week of Easter with the theme of I Believe It. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is not just a story. It is a living, breathing, walking testimony. We have the honor to partner with our gracious donors to share this message of amazing love through our radio ministry!”

Marcy Rinehart of Mount Vernon, OH

WNZR Station Manager
Co-Host of The Morning Thing


"Our theme this year is important to me because I know that Jesus died for me and my loved ones. I'm fortunate to share this truth with my community."

Junior Morgan Mills of Granville, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“The Lifeline 2024 theme means that I know Jesus is at the center of what this is all about! I love how the colors on the posters and shirts represent Jesus' death and royalty. I also love how this theme is leading right into Easter and it really shows how Jesus is at the center of what we are doing. Without Him, none of this would be possible!”

Senior Dylan Elliott of Alexandria, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


"I Believe It to me means that I believe in his word and his son who died on the cross for me and for everyone!”

Senior Colin Ashworth of Delaware, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“The theme for this year is meaningful to me because it is a bold personal statement of what I believe. It means that Jesus Christ is actively relevant in my life and not just a story that I hear about in church. He lived and died for my salvation, and if I believe that to be true, then it will impact me every single day. Whether it is school, radio, or relationships with other people, my beliefs must serve as the basis for my life in all that I do.”

Sophomore Abby Almodovar of New Philadelphia, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“Like many songs before, I Believe It is a reaffirmation, a declaration of our belief and faith in Jesus Christ. Believing that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all working together for our good. I know that I need that resetting sometimes; to keep me focused on the fact that we are deeply loved by our God and invited to a relationship with Him, because He has the BEST plan for our life.”

Joe Rinehart, M.A. of Mount Vernon, OH

Assistant Professor of Communication, Department Chair
Director of Broadcasting, WNZR-FM and
Co-Host of The Afternoon Drive


"I Believe It is the epitome of our faith. None of us were alive while Jesus was on earth, so our entire lives are based on faith that Jesus lived, died, and rose again. As a result, declaring Jesus' life as truth demonstrates that we trust wholeheartedly in Jesus and sums up our faith and life outlook in those three words: I Believe It."

Senior Mike Basko of Forest, VA

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“I Believe It is a conscious choice we make every day, reminding us of God’s goodness and grace. His story is more than just a story. His sacrifice gives us life and in return, we can believe in the life of Jesus and share His story with the world.”

Junior Mia Reid of Bourbonnais, IL

Communication & Media (Strategic Track) Major


“I Believe It is a bold statement of faith. I believe in the life of Jesus. This is a great reminder that what we read in the Bible is not just a story, but it tells us how God has showed his love for you and me. When you read the Gospel, you can believe that the hope and love demonstrated on those pages is real.”

Senior Allison Prouty of Warsaw, OH

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major and  and Business Administration Majors


"I Believe It to me is a choice that every man and Christ follower has to make every day. Once you make the decision that you want to pursue God every day, you are saved. At WNZR and MVNU, we believe in the life of Jesus and center our lives around His love. We want the world around us to do the same."

Freshman Xander DeVault of Kingsport, TN

Communication & Media (Digital Media) Major


“Our Lifeline Theme, I Believe It, is a personal testament that Jesus came to the earth, died and rose again so that we can be reconciled back to God. The life of Jesus points us to the love and grace of God and His redeeming love for each of us. By sending His son to die for us assures that His promises are true, and we can share in the testimony of the cross by showing love and forgiveness to others.”

Sue MacDonald of Mount Vernon, OH

WNZR Office Manager

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