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Congratulations to our “Take Dad to Dinner” winners!! 

WNZR wants to congratulate our 4 winners in the “Take Dad to Dinner” contest. 

Congratulations to: 

Jeff Bishop of Mount Vernon.
Jeff’s daughter, Rachel nominated him. 

She says that her Dad has been a loving, supportive, Christian man for years.  Rachels shared that her Dad was a teacher, missionary, and provider for years.  Recently he has moved nearby, and they get to spend more time together.  She has missed many a Father's Day with her Dad, and she wants to make him feel very special this year.  Rachel says that it is time for her to care for him! Congratulations Jeff!                                           


Richard Porter of Lakeville.          
Richard was nominated by his daughter Laurie.       
Laurie’s message about her Dad is simple. She said, “I love him”! Congratulations Richard!      


Tyler Dennis of Mount Vernon.
Tyler was nominated by Clara Dennis.
Clara says that she loves Tyler because he takes her fishing and has awesome cuddles!
Congratulations Tyler! 


Bill Moody of Fredericktown.
Bill was nominated by his daughter Robin. 

Robin shared that her Dad is, and always has been, one of her greatest role models.  He is well respected by everyone who knows him and is a wonderful leader in their church, their family, and many other organizations.  Bill is a fantastic grandpa and is a great supporter of his seven grandkids' many activities. He has a very even temperament and makes others feel comfortable in his presence.  Most importantly, he is a man of God.  He follows God's word and displays Christian character.  He has taught his family by his example and leaves a legacy of believers.   

Congratulations Bill!                                                                                                                                                                                       

Our 4 winning Dads will each receive: 
- $25 gift card to Southside Diner 
- $25 gift card to La Paloma Mexican Restaurant  
- $10 gift certificate to Gospel Christian Life Shop 
- Only Jesus CD by Casting Crowns 
- Rescue Story CD by Zach Williams 
- Reason, Deluxe Edition CD by Unspoken 
- NIV Bible plus WNZR goodies  

Happy Father’s Day from WNZR and the Big Blue Crew!



WNZR thanks these businesses for donating gift certificates.
Thanks to:

Southside Diner









La Paloma Mexican Restaurant  




Gospel Christian Life Shop 

2021 WNZR’s Take Dad To Dinner All Entrys


Floyd Eash was nominated by Shantora Eash.

Shantora said, “I love my dad because he is always and has always been there for me when I need him and when I am down, he is the sweetest person and the best dad in the world!”


Jared Young was nominated by Griffin, Grace, Aedon, and Camille.

They said they love their dad because “he loves us all so much and makes sure to take care of us!  He started a home health business this year and works 7 days a week to make sure we are cared for!  We want to do something special for him!”


Jonathon Miller was nominated by Madi, Maddox, Kaylynne, and Dallas.

They said they love their dad because “he is a hard worker, helps us when we are sad, loves us well, and doesn't take time for himself. He is always giving to us. “


Wayne Reynolds was nominated by Krista Clutter.

Krista said, “I love my dad because he loves God, his family, and the church. He is a person that you want to have in your corner, so to speak. His love for being the hands and feet of Christ is evident in his daily walk. He taught me many things such as working hard, to never give up, and to love as Christ. His grandkids love him too and know that when needed he would be there for them. Taking him to dinner is such a small gift for the years for love he has given to me, but it would go a long way in continuing for me to make more memories with him.”


Nate Miller was nominated by Madi Miller.

Madi said, “I love my dad because he always pays for my meals, and I would like to pay for his...he is a hard worker, and is very caring. My dad is funny, and always tries to cheer me up with his lame dad jokes!”


Elva Armstrong was nominated by Mia Armstrong.

Mia said, “I love my dad because he has built his life on three things: faith, family, and farm. He has always been there for me, supporting me through my academic adventures and simply growing up. He is a great father whom I love dearly!”



Jason Wood was nominated by all 4 of his kids.

They said they love their dad because “he loves God and all of us and mom unconditionally!”


Gerry Bachelder was nominated by Tammie Lynn Christopher.

Tammie said, “I love my dad because he gives all he has for his three girls and would do anything in the world for us and I would love to treat him this Father's Day to dinner for being such a wonderful role model and father to me.”


Travis Buena was nominated by Olivia Buena.

Olivia said, “I love my dad because he plans the best vacation. He is very kind and funny. When he takes us to national parks, I say ‘this is not going to be fun,’ but it is really fun and cool. At the end, I always want to go back. He takes us to Kings Island or Cedar point when he does not have to, but he wants us to have fun and not be bored at home all day. I think my dad would really love this because He does a lot for are family and he works hard he only get Sunday and Monday off of works so it would be nice to have to whole family go out to eat on Father’s Day.”


Stephen Vales was nominated by John Vales.

John said, “I love my dad because he works very hard for my family.”


Kevin Spreng was nominated by Noah Spreng.

Noah said, “He is my dad.”


Luke Mickley was nominated by Cora Mickley.

Cora said, "I love my Daddy, because he pushes me on the swing, takes me on 4 wheeler rides, take me to pet my sheep and gives good hugs. I want to take daddy to dinner because he is so nice.

Love, Cora"

Luke was also nominated by Jace Mickley.

Jace said, “I love my Dad because he throws sticks with me in the water. I want to take my dad to dinner because he helps me.”



Mike Nauman was nominated by Tracy Mickley.

Tracy said, “I love my Dad for the example he sets for our family. He puts others first and can be found helping other people- by fixing something or giving advice. I want to take Dad to dinner, because he is constantly putting others first and he deserves to be treated!”


Scott Moody was nominated by Myah Moody

Myah said, “I have many, many reasons to take my dad out to dinner and why I love him but to keep it short it’s because he has been my best friend and my rock since day one. He taught me a lot more than any other individual could and he has always been a phone call away no matter what. Southside is and always will be his favorite restaurant in town. Every day for his lunch break Southside is where you can find him. I wish I could express how much love I have for him in this but it would very well turn out to be a book! This is why I love my dad and why I need to take him to dinner!”


James Chandler was nominated by Rhonda Goeppinger.

Rhonda said, "I love my dad because he is my biggest fan.  When I was a child, we played board games, he coached my baseball team, and most importantly he brought me to church every Sunday. I love him because he is always smiling and full of laughter.  He loves telling dad jokes every chance he gets.  I love playing practical jokes on him every chance I get.  Now that I am grown and life is so full and busy, I would love the opportunity to take my dad to dinner and just spend time with him talking and laughing.  I love my dad more than he knows."


Tom Goeppinger was nominated by Danielle, Rachel, and Justin Goeppinger.

They said, "We love our dad because he is always there for us.  He works very hard to provide for our family.  He loves us unconditionally.  He is only a phone call away when we are in need. Our dad has a great sense of humor and loves to joke with us.  He makes us laugh every day.  We would love to take him to dinner and spend time with him.  He is always doing for others and never takes time for himself.  Taking him to dinner would show how much we appreciate him and all he does.  We love you Dad!"


Scott Burgess was nominated by Zoey Burgess.

Zoey said, “I love my dad because he is always there for me.  I know he loves me and would do anything for me.”

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