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WNZR is the Voice of the Cougars – don’t miss our Halftime Feature - Cougar Conversations!

WNZR’s exciting feature, “Cougar Conversations” returns for half-times during the 2023-2024 basketball season.
"Cougar Conversations" this year will feature some amazing student athletes competing for MVNU. We will talk with players from both our men’s and women’s basketball teams, plus highlight athletes from the many other sports at MVNU. We will also feature some outstanding MVNU Alumni! We will share conversations with some of our most outstanding athletes of the past and members of the Cougar Wall of Fame.


Tune in at halftime of both men's and women's basketball games for “Cougar Conversations”.

You can also find the full Cougar Conversations online at and on WNZR’s Facebook and Twitter.


We are the Voice of the Cougars – 90.9FM and WNZR.TV!

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