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WNZR wants you to “Take Dad to Dinner”!

Congratulations to our “Take Dad to Dinner” winners!!

WNZR wants to congratulate our 4 winners in the “Take Dad to Dinner” contest.

Congratulations to:

Hunter Lanigan of Mount Vernon.
Hunter was nominated by Alex, Brock, and Bruce Lanigan.
Brock and Bruce said this about their Dad – Our Dad works so hard so our Mom can stay at home with us. We love him so much and he plays with us! Congratulations Hunter!


Stacey Sullins of Gambier.
Stacey was nominated by his daughters Kyndall & Kelly Sullins.
Kyndall and Kelly shared this special message about their Dad – Our Dad has always selflessly served our family and raised us in ways we appreciate more now than we might have when we were little. He taught us the importance of being involved in church. He taught us to be realistic, bringing balance to our family and he loves us well! Happy Father’s Day Dad!!! Congratulations Stacey!


Christian Smith of Howard.
Christian was nominated by his wife Jesa.
Jesa shared this special message about Christian – I am nominating my husband and the father to our children (3-year-old and 5-month-old twins). I love him so much for all he does to provide for our family. He allows me to be a stay-at-home Mom and he works to make sure we have all we need and taken care of! I couldn’t imagine anyone else as my children’s Dad! I am truly blessed! Congratulations Christian!


Trent Randall of Fredericktown.
Trent was nominated by his son Kaleb Randall.
Kaleb shared this special message about his Dad – My Dad has always been there for me in everything that I have done. He has always supported me in my sports and in all of my hobbies. Even when times are tough, he will somehow be able to make us all smile. I wouldn’t trade Dads because God knew he was the best one for me. Congratulations Trent!                                                                                                                               

Our 4 winning Dads will each receive: 
- $25 gift card to Southside Diner

- $25 gift card to The Alcove Restaurant

- $10 gift certificate to Gospel Christian Life Shop

- WNZR Duffle Bag

- WNZR Travel Blanket

- NIV Bible

- plus WNZR Goodies

WNZR thanks these businesses for their partnership and the donation of gift certificates: The Southside Diner, The Alcove Restaurant, and the Gospel Christian Life Shop.

Happy Father’s Day from WNZR and the Big Blue Crew 

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