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Big Blue Music Crew 2023.png

The Big Blue Music Crew is BACK!

Have you heard about The Big Blue Music Crew?

Your opinion is important to WNZR!
Would you like to join the Big Blue Music Crew?
As part of the Music Crew, you will have the chance to share your opinion about the music you hear on WNZR.


The Big Blue Music Crew members are able to fill out surveys that include a group of songs currently playing on WNZR.
We ask you to listen to a short song clip and give us your opinion.
Each survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.


Many of you have already taken 1 or more of our Music Surveys. 

Thank you!

We have decided to open up all 4 surveys through 1/31/2024.

This gives you an opportunity to take surveys that you missed before Christmas or become a member of the Big Blue Music Crew for 2024.


We have some gifts for our Big Blue Music Crew members.

If you complete 2 surveys, we will send you a NEW Big Blue Music Crew Travel Coffee Mug.
If you complete 4 surveys, we will send you a Big Blue Music Crew T-Shirt.

Join the Big Blue Crew Music Crew today!
We appreciate your support and your input.


Surveys 1, 2 and 3 contain songs from the past 5 years.

Survey 4 contains Christmas Music.

All 4 surveys will remain open through 1/31/2024.


Survey #1 -



Survey #2 -



Survey #3 -



Survey #4 -

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