CONGRATULATIONS to our winners in WNZR’s “Best Mom Ever” Contest for Mother’s Day!
Thanks to everyone that entered our “BEST Mom Ever” Contest!

We want to congratulate our 3 winners that were selected from a random drawing: Linda Qualls, Becky Pullins and Connie Tuggle of Mount Vernon!

Each Mom receives the “Best Mom Ever” Care Package valued at over $300!

It includes:
- An overnight stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel (valued at $100)
- An entire house cleaning from Carefree Cleaning Company. Amy McDougale gives you 4 hours of house cleaning (Valued at $100)
- Treats for Mom and the family pet. “The Least of These” ministry is donating a bag of buckeyes and homemade dog treats. Amy McDougale has founded this ministry to help women recovering from addiction.
- The “I Still Believe” Movie on DVD. The story of Christian Artist, Jeremy Camp.
- A Mary Kay “Glam Kit” from Cecilia McClelland, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. The “Glam Kit” includes a Satin Hands hand lotion, a liquid eyeliner pen, eyeshadow, and blush.
- An item from Kassandra Miller with Trades of Hope
- Hand Sanitizer and Lip Balm from Tomi Ward, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor
- A $10 gift card to the SBC Restaurant
- One copy of the audio CD Lifer by MercyMe
- One copy of the audio CD Wide Open by Austin French
- One copy of the audio CD Living Hope by Phil Wickham
- One NIV Bible
- Plus WNZR goodies including some great items for Mom’s kitchen!

WNZR thanks the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel, Amy McDougale of Carefreee Cleaning Company and “The Least of These” Ministry, Renaissance Communications, Cecilia McClelland, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Kassandra Miller with Trades of Hope, Tomi Ward, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor and the SBC Restaurant for their donations to our “BEST Mom Ever” Care Packages. 

The WNZR Staff was overwhelmed with the amazing messages about these wonderful Moms! We hope enjoy reading through these as much as we did.




Mom - Linda Qualls 
Nominated by son - Robert Qualls
My mother would give the shirt off her back for her children and grandchildren.  With the loss of my father in January of this year this has been the most difficult time of her life.  She has been through a lot since and she deserves the world!             


Mom - Becky Pullins
Nominated by Daughter - Jaimi Dennison
"She joined the family when I was 8 years old, taking on 4 children that were not her own, and made us her own.  She has trained me up to live for God by her example of faithfulness even through some very trying times.  When I was 16 she wrote up adoption papers that, even though they were not legal documents, meant the world to me because they stated that I was her daughter and she was my Mom.   I remember to this day how I felt when we signed those papers together. My 17th birthday was so important to me because that meant she had been my Mom over half my life.  She loves me and that love spills right over onto my husband and children.  She is beautiful and holy and I pray to have her in my life until Jesus comes. "


Mom - Connie Tuggle       
Nominated by her 4 daughters:
Sheila Mills - My Mom raised us to know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Although, my Mom lived a hard and abusive life by the hands of my Father (whom is now Saved by the Blood of Jesus, and my Mom has forgiven him) she always shined bright with the light of Christ. She is such an inspiration and an example of God's grace and mercy. My Mom was hospitalized this past month and could not even speak for her Oxygen levels were so low, however she would still message us of God's love and encourage us with the Hope of Christ. I am so very blessed that God gave me to The Best Mom Ever!


Donna Meyer - My Mom taught me from an early age to take care of what you have, appreciate your blessings, given to those less fortunate, love one another and above all to serve the Lord.  My Mother is my best friend.


Penny Haynes - She loves unconditionally, she’s caring, giving, humorous and she has instilled the love of Jesus Christ all my life. She is the best Mom ever.


Kathy - The reason my Mom is the best Mom ever is she is a prayer warrior, she is a fighter, and she loves unconditional... She always goes above and beyond for her children




Mom - Kimberly White
Nominated by daughter - Erika Manders

We love our mom so much!!! We are so blessed to get to have her here with us to be a constant reminder of God’s love for us. She lives each day bringing glory to his name and spreading his message and love everywhere she goes! She’s our supporter, our council, our number one fan, our friend and we are so blessed to get to call her MOM! When our mom walks into a room everyone gets to experience love. Because that is her. She is love! She’s always the first one to show up to everything and the last to leave! She volunteers herself for every challenge, especially if it helps others. She’s always there to listen, to talk, and to pray. (She is a prayer warrior) and to encourage you with scripture! She deserves to be acknowledged for her kind words and selfless acts! Thank you for this possible opportunity! We love you mom!                                                 

Mom - Patty Kryling
Nominated by daughter - Katie Beaver

My mom is a wonderful Christian role model that is always there for us when we need her! She is also a wonderful Mimi to our daughter! We love her more than she will ever know!                                                 

Mom - Cyndi Fannin
Nominated by son - Noah Ferguson

My mother has taken on the role of being both parental figures since my dad passed away a few years ago. She has been the rock of our family and has always expressed how important Jesus should be in our lives. She has influenced and motivated me to further my biblical knowledge and get a Bible degree. She has always been strong for our family even when times were tough. She has taught me how to be a better husband to my wife and how to be a loving father to my children. My mom is the best mom because not only has she influenced my actions and decisions on earth but motivated me towards eternal decisions in believing in Jesus.                                                

Mom - Cyndi Fannin  
Nominated by son - Zachary Ferguson

My mom sacrificed for years to make sure my 2 brother and I were taken care of.  She has prayed for us for years and been our rock through many difficult times. She is the best grandmother ever to her 3 grandchildren. My mom has never missed a major event or milestone in any of our lives. She has cheered at every game, graduation, and birth. Even though she has been through many tough situations she still praises God daily and has been the best Christian example possible. This is why I love my mom and she is the best                                                    

Mom- Kimberly Williams   
Nominated by daughter - Courtney Lehman  

When we received the message school was closed my mother has been there from the beginning. We both have essential jobs and cannot work from home. My mother makes sure my kids are still involved with all school activities and make sure our kids have specials. She takes picture everyday of them eating lunch and anything they are into. No matter the circumstance my mother is life saver and appreciate everything she does.                                                


Mom - Rene Pozderac
Nominated by daughter - Katie Pozderac

My mom has shown me and my siblings what it means to love Jesus with all your heart. She has taught us that no matter what circumstances we may face, our hope and trust are in Him. There is nothing that He can’t handle. Knowing that, we find complete peace and True Joy. Mom has been an investor in the lives of so many, but none as important to her as her children’s, and of course her precious grandson’s, Owen. She has faithfully been a teacher, encourager, comforter and prayer warrior. It’s obvious to see that God is #1 in her life. I’m so thankful for my mom and how she has allowed God to use her for His glory. We sure do love you, Momma!                                                      

Mom - Betty "Aileen" Spearman 
Nominated by daughter - Jill Spearman Macklin   
I am not much of a story teller, but, Wow, where do I begin.....She loves unconditionally and is a great example of showing God's love to others.  She (and our dad- married 63 years) raised 6 kids.  She loves all of us and our spouses, her grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  She never complains, has never had a bad day, a bad meal, or a headache!!  NO kidding.  She finds the positive in any and every situation. She is the most generous person I have ever known, or ever heard about. She would give you her last dollar, her last piece of clothing, last bite of food, or whatever you may need.  She often times offers it before you even know you need it!  She loves people, as well as helping people, and cooking for people.  She is one amazing 87 year old who loves Jesus, and all people, loves to play games, enjoys food & fellowship, and would probably share her gift if she is chosen!  No matter what, she is a winner in my eyes!!  I love you mom!!                                                    

Mom - Christina Sintz
Nominated by daughter - Victoria Sintz   
My mother is the most selfless person I have ever met. She is so kind, happy, outgoing, hardworking, and fun. My mom is great; I have no idea where I would be without her. My mom has always made so many sacrifices for me and my brother, but especially for me. My mom spent 5 years driving me back and forth, an hour and a half one way, to Chillicothe for dance classes. She drove me to dance 2-4 days a week for 5 years straight. While I was having the time of my life at dance practices, my mom would be sitting at Subway for 5 hours before having to drive us back home, for another hour and a half. She never once complained. She always had a smile on her face, happy to sacrifice her time and her comfort to make me the happiest child on earth. I’ll never be able to repay her for all those years and many more of sacrifices making her the best mom ever. ❤️                                              


Mom - Sue Merrin      
Nominated by daughter - Laura Short

Throughout every moment in life, my mom has been there loving me and cheering me on. Her positive outlook and strong faith have been the foundation of her love. Even when things look bleakest, hearing her voice grounds me reminding me that life is good. My mom is 82 and she is a beautiful soul. She is not only my mother, but my dearest friend. She is the best mother for me.  I will always be grateful that God, in His infinite wisdom, gave me such a special gift - my mother.                                               

Mom - Samantha Stoner
Nominated by daughter - Kilee Stoner

I love my mom because she is selfless and cares so much about other people. We make each other laugh and even on my worst days, she loves me just the same. She is someone I can always talk to and she makes everyone feel loved and appreciated. My mom is always smiling and she is just the best mom.                                                  


Mom - Elaine Holstein
Nominated by daughter - Hannah Holstein

I love my mom, because she is so giving without ceasing. I love my mom for the values she holds within our family. My mom truly shows me a Proverbs 31 woman. My mom is the best mom, because she has shown me God’s love for me. My mom, was my Nana. My brother and I came to live with Nana when our biological mother could no longer give us what we needed. My Nana, has become the best mom because she has shown us what a mom is. She’s the best mom because she chose to be my mom, and continues to show me that she’ll always be the best mom to me.                                                  

Mom - Michelle Thompson 
Nominated by daughter - Samantha Lopez

I am a mother as well and she has helped support me and my son while I have been in nursing school here at MVNU.                                                 

Mom - Cindy McDowell
Nominated by daughter - Victoria McDowell

I love my mom because she is the most selfless person I have ever met. She cares and loves everyone so much. She’s been a great role model for my siblings and me and has never let her faith in Christ falter even through probably her most rough year! I think she’s the best mom ever because she would drop everything to help someone else and she is such a hard worker!                                              


Mom - Gina Miller
Nominated by son - Zach Miller

I don’t think she is the best mom ever. I know she is. From countless hours driving me to and from soccer games throughout high school and club soccer, to baking the best pies anyone has ever had, she does everything with love and care. She has worked a full time job as a Nurse for 32 years and now consults with different hospitals around the nation, but that didn’t stop her from earning her Master’s last year. She is incredibly hard-working, does everything to her best ability, loves her kids, and does countless more things that she never gets recognized for, but does anyway because she does what is right. She deserves praise and recognition and I think this prize would be a great way of showing her how much I, and my family, love her.                                                   

Mom - Caricia Rickards
Nominated by daughter - Harley Rickards

My mom is the strongest women I have ever met! When my dad passed away this year my mom took on the role as a mom and dad so quickly and without a blink of an eye! She helped 3 kids grieve all while grieving herself. She truly is amazing! She has always been the one constant in my life and she will always be there for her kids no matter what! She works night after night changing patients’ lives in the ER and never thinks twice about it! My mom truly is my Hero and is the #1 reason why I am standing here saying I just graduated with my BSN from MVNU! Happy Mother’s Day mom ❤️                                                     


Mom - Colleen Myer
Nominated by daughter - Anitra Myer

My mother has done an amazing job at being not only my mother, but my father, my best friend, and my shoulder to cry on for the past 22 years. My mom struggled when I was growing up raising me on her own and working 2 full-time jobs to make ends meet. She has done everything in her power to make sure that I have had everything that I’ve ever wanted and needed. She has worked hopeless hours and long nights with little sleep to scrape up the money for me to be able to pursue my dream to attend college and become a nurse. On top of that, she helps out at the Salvation Army to serve food in her free time. She has shaped me into the woman that I am today and I could not be more thankful and blessed to have such an amazing woman to call my mom. I do not know what I would do without her and she deserves something back for all that she has done for me, my family, and the community.                                                 

Mom - Elaine Hillier
Nominated by daughter - Cheryl White

She is the strongest woman I know. She has a positive attitude and loves me unconditionally. During this pandemic, she has been calling people to check on them and sending cards to cheer up her friends she isn't able to visit. She is my hero, my role model and my best friend. Some compare me to my mom and I would consider myself lucky to be half the woman she is.                                                   


Mom - Kristen Rowlinson
Nominated by daughter - Madison Krebs

My mom has been my rock since I was little. She has been a constant love and support and sense of joy in my life. My parents got divorced when I was young and my mom raised my sister and I and we have been best friends ever since. She is a role model in her faith and has always challenged me to be a light in the world and to truly live with a Christ-likeness mentality and attitude. Thank you mom!!                                               


Mom - Diane Dickson
Nominated by daughter - Emily Dickson

My mom is honestly my best friend. I tell her everything and she’s always been here for me. We were supposed to go on a cruise in two weeks to celebrate her working for 35 years and I was graduating from MVNU, but we were not able to go. She is the best mom ever because she cares so much about her family and friends around her. I just really think she would really love this gift for Mother’s Day!!                                                 


Mom - Rebecca Hutchison
Nominated by daughter - Cori Hutchison

I love my mom because she is always there to talk to me. She loves Jesus with all of her heart, and she has been an example to me in what my relationship with Jesus should look like. No matter if she’s sick or hurting, she still works and takes care of our family as well as she can. She has a heart of gold and cares so much for others and is a great servant of the Lord.                                                    


Mom - Nicole Flippo
Nominated by daughter - Sierra Flippo 

My mom works 120 hours a paycheck between two jobs just to pay for my school, the house bills, and works 7 days a week at times. She is an essential worker who is risking her life everyday working especially with this virus going around. With all of that on her plate she still finds time to plan a simple card came, or a family dinner after her shifts. My mom is super woman!                                                  


Mom - Kerri Clark
Nominated by daughter - Kendra Clark

She has been my comfort as I deal with anxiety.                                                  


Mom - Chris Mohnasky
Nominated by son - John Mohnasky

I love my mom because she shaped me into the person I am today. Without my mom, I wouldn't be where I am today. She put our lives before her own and cared more for my brothers and me more than herself. She deserves this because she exemplifies everything a mom should.                                                


Mom - Sharon Weber 
Nominated by daughter - Krishana White

My mom always serves others with the deepest care. She taught me by example how to put Christ first in all things and do all as unto Him. She homeschooled me and my sister, managed our household wisely, budgeted frugally (taught me to coupon!), and has always valued the simple pleasures in life. The best memories are of the times she read to us from the piles of books we borrowed from our weekly trip to the library. Her love of beauty and poetry instilled in me a love of the written word. As my sister and I got older, my mom became a founding co-leader and eventually the head of our church food pantry. This became a full-time job ordering food early each morning, organizing deliveries, unloading trucks, stocking shelves, and opening to the community. She gave all she had for a decade until a shoulder injury prevented her from continuing on. Even then, she became caretaker for my grandmother and served her own mom with extreme care even while her own health was lagging. My mom is someone who exemplifies to me Corinthians 13. Love resides at the core of who she is and all she does. My mom makes others know they are seen and valued - no matter who they are or what walk of life they come from. I have many people who have told me how much they admire her. I have to say I am her biggest fan! She hates the spotlight but this Mother’s Day, I would love for her to win one of these prizes. With her chronic health issues, I know four hours of housecleaning would be a tremendous blessing to her.                                               

Mom - Michelle Hedrick
Nominated by son - Andrew Hedrick

I love my mom and think she is the best because she may be the shortest person I know but she has the biggest heart. She doesn’t always verbally show it but she leads by example and that is something that is near and dear to my heart because she does so much for our family that normally goes unappreciated. She works at MVNU, cooks for the family, cleans our house and my grandparents’ house, and does the laundry, and dishes... and much more. She often does all of this and doesn’t say a word she does it because she loves the family and is a hard worker. She leads by example and not only do I love her but I look up to my mom as a role model in my life. She is the best mom ever and deserves all our families love and an awesome gift to show how amazing she really is!                                                 


Mom - Amy Monk
Nominated by son - Trevor Monk

I love my mom because she has laid out a great path for me to be successful in life. As kids, we went through a lot with issues with my parents, but my mom never stopped caring for us. She is the most forgiving person I’ve ever met. She has taught me how to be loving and patient. No matter how many times we go home throughout the school year, she never fails to cry before we leave because she misses us so much. She is very hard working and a great role model. She encouraged me to go to MVNU when I was at Cedarville because she wanted me to be closer to home and felt MVNU was a better fit. She always helps me and my siblings understand what’s right and wrong. She is truly the kindest, most loving mom. She’s also a beast at euchre. I taught her how to play and now I have to be her partner so I don’t lose.                                               


Mom - Wendy Leetch
Nominated by daughter - Cecily Leetch

She is my biggest cheerleader in life and loves me endlessly <3                                                     


Mom - Beth Shackelford
Nominated by daughter - Kaylin Shackelford

My mom is one of the most selfless people. She puts others’ needs ahead of her own and works hard to meet those needs. She is the best example of how to love others. She is hard-working, kind, smart, funny, and wise. She is an encourager and a prayer warrior. She is an amazing example of how to be a truly devoted follower of Christ.                                                    

Mom - Robin Fee
Nominated by daughter - Elizabeth Fee

I love my mom because she is constantly supporting me and encouraging me. She comes to all my home basketball games even though it is a three hour drive.  She has helped push me in basketball, rebounded for me, and gone on runs with me. She has been a great example of what hard work looks like. She is also a school teacher and is a mother-like figure to her students. She never stops giving of her time and I hope to be like her one-day.  When I am away at school I know I can always call her to cheer me up or give me encouragement.  She is the best mom I could ever ask for and has always been there for me. She is my best friend.                                             

Mom - Deanna Whetzel               
Nominated by daughter - Anna Whetzel

Because she is always able to talk and she is always there for me no matter what happens.


Mom - Judy Dalrymple
Nominated by son - Taylor Dalrymple      

My mother is always there for me and can always tell when something is wrong with me. Plus, she always makes me my favorite meal on my Birthday!


Mom - Chandell Sites 
Nominated by son - Simon Sites       
She has always been supportive of me and loving in difficult times. She has been an example of faith and has shown me what a life lived in Christ’s love is like.

Mom - Sharon Weber 
Nominated by daughter - Krishana White   
My Mom always serves others with the deepest care. She taught me by example how to put Christ first in all things and do all as unto Him. She homeschooled me and my sister, managed our household wisely, budgeted frugally (taught me to coupon!), and has always valued the simple pleasures in life. The best memories are of the times she read to us from the piles of books we borrowed from our weekly trip to the library. Her love of beauty and poetry instilled in me a love of the written word. As my sister and I got older, my Mom became a founding co-leader and eventually the head of our church food pantry. This became a full-time job ordering food early each morning, organizing deliveries, unloading trucks, stocking shelves, and opening to the community. She gave all she had for a decade until a shoulder injury prevented her from continuing on. Even then, she became caretaker for my grandmother and served her own Mom with extreme care even while her own health was lagging. My Mom is someone who exemplifies to me Corinthians 13. Love resides at the core of who she is and all she does. My Mom makes others know they are seen and valued - no matter who they are or what walk of life they come from. I have many people who have told me how much they admire her. I have to say I am her biggest fan! She hates the spotlight but this Mother’s Day, I would love for her to win one of these prizes. With her chronic health issues, I know four hours of housecleaning would be a tremendous blessing to her.

Mom - Jessica Rush
Nominated by daughter - Samantha Langer   
My mother not only raised myself, brother, and sister. She has been caring for my step dad. He has had a declining health starting not to long after their marriage. She quit her job to care for him full time. While struggling to care for him she has always cared for us as well. Whether it was helping me move in or out of campus or just being there. In the past two years she not only has cared for my step dad but also her mother who was diagnosed with cancer. She has remodeled her entire home to accommodate both my step Dad’s health issues as well as her mothers. My Mom has been a rock often not realizing it or getting the recognition she deserves. She's a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a caretaker, and a fixer. That's my Mom and she is the best.

Mom - Amy King
Nominated by daughter - Rebekah King            
I think my Mom is the best ever because she has grown up so much and gone through a lot, she made her way through a lot of different difficult things in her life and I’m so proud that a determined and wonderful person is someone that I get to call Mom. Love you Mom!


Mom - Tisha Maharg
Nominated by daughter - Christina Maharg  
My Mom supports me in all I do! She helped me get through the last 4 years of nursing school by encouraging me and helping me whenever I needed it. My Mom loves to help others and will drop anything she is doing to help her parents or others in need. I love my Mom so much and don't know what I’d do without her!

Mom - Meghan Kincaid
Nominated by husband - Logan Kincaid

This is my wife who just became a mother on February 15th, 2020 and I think she is the best mother because during the covid-19 she has kept our daughter safe and I love her so much for taking care of our daughter while I finish college and work.


Mom - Shelly Kincaid
Nominated by son - Logan Kincaid          
I am a huge Momma’s boy I never like seeing or hearing my Mom sad and crying. I always wanted to keep my Momma happy. She is the best Mom because no matter how many times she’s been hurt she has never portrayed that to me or my siblings.


Mom – Leah
Nominated by daughter - Maddie        
She has carried my own burdens as her own and helped me live through 15 YEARS with type one diabetes. My Mom is the most loyal, faith-driven person I have ever met. So blessed to have her as my mother! :)


Mom - Lisa Falkenberg
Nominated by son - Matt Falkenberg   
My Mom is the best one out there because she is a mirror of God in life. She never stops showing her love for him. I love my Mom because she cares so much about me and is there to help me with anything that I need.


Mom - Billie Maglott
Nominated by daughter - Hope Maglott   
Last spring my Mom finished a long and hard fight with breast cancer sometimes working overtime at her job to make sure her students education continued smoothly! She loves and fights for us every day and always made sure to be at every game, concert, and competition that any we were competing in! But she doesn’t just do that for her own kids she does it for many of her students as well and makes sure to catch at least one game for several of her students every semester! I love that she continues to show what it means to show the love of Christ everyday no matter what the circumstances, even though some of the toughest times of her life! She would help give support and prayer for those sitting next to her during her chemo treatments and would minister to them! I love my Mom so much and she truly is my best friend! We dance and sing in the car, she’s my shoulder to cry on, and the person I go to the most for all my advice! I truly could not imagine my life if my Mom was any different and I’m so glad she’s not! God truly blessed me when he gave me my Mom who helps feed me spiritually and helps support my calling in ministry!

Mom - Keri Sanders
Nominated by daughter - Chloe Sanders

I love my Mom because she has always been a part of my life. She's there to lift me up and counsel me when I'm having a hard day. She has helped shape my life and has taught me to love God and how to be a good Christian. Her faith is a big part of her life and she has helped teach of her children as well. My Mom has pushed me to my limit and has always been behind me whenever I have stepped out into the unknown. She has done tons of research to give me and my siblings the best future we could have. She is a mother of four, spread out by four and a half years so when we were young we kept her hopping, but she didn't let it phase her and has continued to take care of us over the years. My Mom is an amazing cook, and has to work harder in the kitchen then most because of the allergies my family has. Her and my Dad have a loving relationship and have raised a perfect household for their four children. Even though we are a big family they take us travelling whenever we can and help us see the world and its many cultures. My Mom is always ready to teach us and has a listening understanding ear whenever you need it. She is a leader and doesn't let tradition and the "normal" hold her back from doing the best for her family and giving us, her children, and a bright future. She is hard working and will work to make something she wants happen, she doesn't fade into the background after she starts the ball rolling.  My Mom is the best Mom ever and I love her with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Mom - Jody Keith
Nominated by daughter - Kasey Keith    
My Mom has been through a lot lately and she has never stopped loving my brother and me. She always treats us with kindness and compassion and patience and I hope that when I am a mother one day I’ll be at least half the mother she is. I love her so much and I do not deserve her.


Mom - Peggy Brown
Nominated by daughter - Rachael Brown   
She is one of the most selfless people that I know. She plays many roles other than just a mother. She is our nurse, social worker, teacher and most importantly our friend and many more! She goes out of her way to make people smile and make their day. She would give her last $20 that she owned to anyone who needed it. Even when she may of needed it for the week. She shows us the true love of Christ in her actions and heart. When one of us kids are sick she will take off work to be at those doctor appointments no matter how sick we may be. She is also a teacher and when her students are in the hospital, she goes and visits them. When one of her students are having a bad day, or trying her attention span she keeps a calm mind and helps them through what they are going through. She is always volunteering and giving back to the community when she has a really busy life already. I love that my Mom is always so determined and such a hard worker. Love you Mom forever and ever!


Mom - Judy Harding
Nominated by son - Paul Harding     
Mom is an incredibly caring and giving person, with a strong foundation of faith. She is always willing to lend a listening ear, offering advice if that's appropriate, and just patiently listening if it isn't. She continually encourages others to pursue their passions and leads by example.


Mom - Holly Napper  
Nominated by daughter - Lauren Sanders    
The most memorable things about my Mom are her sweet smile, gentle kindness, and genuine thoughtfulness and care for others. Each person that comes into contact with her knows this about her because you are met with them in every interaction. Beyond what you see on the surface, my Mom is warrior that faces and fights battles to be better and provide for her family each and every day. For about eight years she was a single mother working around the clock whether it was serving college students and her coworkers or coming home to serve her children whether it be with chores, food, or love and laughter. What is distinct about all of these things is that they are made possible in her because of how she relies on the Lord and walks with Him daily. Her faithfulness is unwavering and you see this in the way that she sees life - through the hope that He brings and the truth that He is present, provider, and way maker. The Bible says that love always perseveres, is patient and kind, and it never fails. This is the embodiment of who my Mom is through the Lord to us. Happy Mother’s Day to you every day, Momma! I love you with all my heart.


Mom - Tonya Stauffer
Nominated by daughter - Brianna Stauffer

My Mom is the best Mom ever because she is always there for me, no matter what the circumstances are. She drives me to work, school, and everywhere else that I need to go. She helped me with my academic probation paperwork. She is just all around amazing! She has always been supportive of me and our family!

Mom - Theresa McAlpin
Nominated by daughter - Heather Hoag

My Mom has always been there. Through the great times and through the struggles, she has always lent an ear and been understanding. She prays for me and my family fervently and always makes sure we have what we need especially during these interesting times!


Mom - Sheila Wilson
Nominated by daughter - Emily Wilson

I love my Mom because she is my absolute best friend. She does so much for our family and barely does anything for herself and that’s why I believe she deserves something like this. She is the best Mom ever and deserves the world and more.


Mom - Karina Hull
Nominated by daughter - Justine Marie Hull  

My Mom never fails to show love to me (even when I don't deserve it) and everyone around her. Her walk with God is truly inspiring to me and she is always there to encourage me on my walk. She has taught me to always work hard because that is what it says in the Bible. She has also taught me to never give up on anything or anyone. I hope that when I grow up, I will be like my Mom.


Mom - Paulette Bricker
Nominated by daughter - Zoe Bricker

She slices my apples for me and peels them. I didn’t have that in college and I am very grateful for that. She also is the sweetest most caring Mom ever. She is always there for me in a heartbeat and she is truly my best friend.

Mom - Cara Huizinga
Nominated by daughter - Ashley Huizinga    
She’s always striving for the next best thing and reminds me every day that God is one of love and grace and shows it in her life.


Mom - Verna Lain
Nominated by daughter - Lauren Lain  

My Mom has raised 6 kids up in the Lord on a pastor's salary. She is strong, resilient, and always speaks the truth. She is the children's director at her church and has such unbelievable passion to get the word of God inside the kids--and they are!! She is a piano PRODIGY but so humble. This past year she agreed to be primary caregiver for her mother in-law and, overall, just a very compassionate, passionate, and the mostly godly woman I know.


Mom - Jacque Smith  
Nominated by son - Jake Smith

I literally could not live without my Mom! She is always there for me whenever I need her and she helps me out with everything in my life! She is so caring and puts my priorities above her own every day! Even if I don’t deserve it sometimes!


Mom - Marjorie Coscia       
Nominated by daughter - Arianna Coscia

My mother is the best Mom. She has such a big heart, she has adopted me and all of my siblings. There are a total of 11 kids in our house. She has her struggles but in everything she always finds a bright side. She would and always does anything for anybody. She always has something uplifting or encouraging words for us even when she struggles to find it for herself. The amount of love my Mom shows is amazing. She has gone through so much and to this day I have never met anyone as amazing as my Mom.

Mom - Elaine Beach
Nominated by daughter - Hannah Beach

My mother is the strongest woman I know. No matter what she is going through herself, she always offers her shoulder to bear the burdens of my sisters and me. Her warmth and beauty makes anyone feel loved.


Mom - Lisa Jones
Nominated by daughter - Hannah E Jones

My Mom is the best Mom ever because she is not only a mother but a teacher as well! When she married my dad, she helped him raise his 2 daughters. She was a teacher for years until she had my older brother Gideon. Then she decided to retire and homeschool. She had me and then my little brother Sam 4 years later. She homeschooled for a few reasons. 1. She was a teacher and she wanted nothing more than to teach her own kids. 2. Both of my brothers have dyslexia and my young brother has comprehension issues. They both have minds that think differently. She wanted to be the one who helped them. She wanted them to have the one-on-one time that they needed. 3. She wanted to watch us grow up. She didn't want half of our lives spent somewhere else being taught by someone else. She wanted to be there for every Moment of learning, discovery and detail. When my older sister needed our help my Mom didn't hesitate to take her 2 children (Kalia age 2 at the time and Noah age 10 at the time) into our home and homeschool them (as well as her own 3 kids) for nearly 3 years. My mother is finishing up homeschooling my little brother, who is graduating this year. She also works a full time job as an intervention specialist at a private school and has part time job. She still uses every Moment with us to teach God's word and love and always tries to put her children and husband first. She is a wonderful cook (maybe too good...) and is all around the best Mom.  


Mom - Jeanne Gaines
Nominated by daughter - Alyssa Gaines

I love my Mom because she is the most selfless person I know. She constantly shows the love of Christ by putting the needs and concerns of others before her own.


Mom - Jeanette Uphouse
Nominated by daughter - Leslie Uphouse

My Mom is not just a Mom, but a teacher, friend, spouse, sister & daughter to those in her life. As a tutor, she started teaching a new school this year & helps students with academic struggles. She genuinely cares and appreciates her students & despite the transition to online school, she's kept her head up & continues to do her best every day. I love my Mom because she is beautiful, selfless, kind, and encouraging us to seek God in every aspect of life. She cooks wonderful meals, does so much for the family & has taught me about much about life & adulthood. She honestly is the best Mom ever!


Mom - Denise Brandon
Nominated by daughter - Danielle Edmster   

She has always tried to make me happy even if she doesn't know how because of not knowing the situation. She has also has taught me to always follow my dreams and never give up no matter how bad the situation looks. She has also always been by my side to help me through difficulties. She has always given my brothers and me the best even if times were difficult. The most important thing she has taught me was how to be a strong and independent women. There are many more things I could say about her. I love her, she means the world to me and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

Mom - Angela Schlingerman Cooper
Nominated by daughters - Annabelle, Breyer, and Emma Cooper

They gave this message to their Grandma Lori Schlingerman to share with us - She makes dinner for us and buys clothes.  And we get to do fun stuff.  She helps us with our online school stuff.  She drives us where we want to go.  She helps us organize our rooms. She buys us our horseback riding saddles.  She buys us electronic devices.  We love her so much because she lets us travel a lot.  We also love her because she buys us pets.  She is the best Mom ever!!!

Lori also had this to say about her daughter Angela Schlingerman Cooper - I love my daughter so much!!  She is a wonderful Mom to Breyer, Annabelle, and Emma.  The kids are really involved in 4H, especially with horses. Angela is a photographer.  Like most businesses, her business has been affected by the COVID19.  She turned her studio into a classroom and has become ""Miss Mom"".

She is totally nonstop, starting at 4:00am to get her husband off to work, to getting the kids schooling done, 4H projects (BUGS, horses, shotgun shooting, quilting, sewing, and art and more.  She always puts her family first before herself. She is the BEST!!!"


Mom - Monica Yoder
Nominated by daughter - Megan Yoder

I love my Mom because she does a lot of things for us even when she doesn't want to. She makes all the food and does so much for us. I love her a lot and I hope she always knows that. Although we may not always show it, we all love Mom very much.😍

Mom - Traci Karger
Nominated by daughter - Addison Karger 
She's always been supportive of me in hard times and given me so much love.


Mom - Sharon Metcalfe
Nominated by son - Jacob Metcalfe

I love my Mom for so many different reasons. Even before the coronavirus shutdown, she is constantly knitting socks, blankets, scarfs, etc. If you can wear it, she is knitting it and sending out to all the kids and grandkids. She also has been sending us loaves of homemade sourdough bread that is to die for. Making her famous ice cream cakes and dropping them off at our doors during our "Covid-19 Birthdays". She spends her life giving back to her children and making sure we are always taken care of in so many ways. She has always been there for us, and gives so much, that she deserves the world. I make sure to spoil her myself when I can, for example any time we go out to eat (remember those times of things called restaurants), I make sure to pay the bill and spoil her on her birthdays and Christmas, because she does so all year round. Nothing will be able to match or payback the love she has shown us as a family. This is why I want to nominate my Mom, Sharon Metcalfe.


Mom – Ursula Delahunty
Nominated by son - David Delahunty  
My Mom has been my #1 supporter and fan throughout not only the last four years of college but my entire life. She has been with me through the ups and downs and have always stuck by my side. She is a great mother to me and my two siblings and would do anything for us. My Mom has sacrificed so much to raise me and my siblings and without her help I wouldn't be where I'm at today. She is kind, sweet, caring, and inspires me to be a better person every day.

Mom - Denise Hudak 
Nominated by daughter - Calista Hudak

My Mom has been there for me for everything. When I started developing mental health issues, she did research and put me in therapy and treatment. When I went through a traumatic high school experience, she listened, was on my side, and fought me for. When I make the many mistakes I do, she isn't judgmental; she listens and helps me work through whatever I need. I know she will continue to be there for me as I move forward in my life and will support me in whatever endeavor I choose.


Mom - Sheila Lowe
Nominated by daughter - Peeri Lowe

My Mom is literally the best because she works so hard to do all she can and be all that she can be for my sister and me. She has learned new roles and wore hundreds of different hats to get her kids where they need to be. From personal driver to chef to doctor to friend, she's done it all and hasn't stopped since her kids have grown up. She's my role model, mentor, and the reason that I am still here today. If I end up being a quarter of the woman she is, then I think I would be proud.

Mom - Amber Faucett
Nominated by daughter - Abbey Faucett
I love my Mom because she is caring, gorgeous, loves Jesus, funny, and amazing to be around. Whenever I come back from college she makes me my favorite foods. She is someone I look up to very much. Her favorite verse is Proverbs 3:5-6; the Bible says to trust in God with all of our heart and he will direct our path. She has taught me so much and I am grateful for that. She is very outgoing and will talk to anyone she conquers in her path. She has a presence that lights up the room when she walks in. She even had my younger brother in a car, beat that other Moms! Overall, my mother is an amazing woman and I love that God allowed me to be her daughter.


Mom - Denise Sumption
Nominated by daughter - Carly Sumption
love that my Mom is supportive and caring. She is always there!


Mom - Maude Proper
Nominated by daughter - Cheyenne Proper

She is my bonus Mom. She has helped raise me since I was three. She is more of a Mom to me than my real Mom.

Mom - Christina King
Nominated by daughter - Taryn King

I love my Mom and think that she is the best Mom ever because she is the most strongest and determined woman I know. This past year she beat the most severe form of breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer. Throughout her treatment she remained positive and fought back. A part from her battle, she is selfless, kind, and gives the best advice. She is an outstanding cook and her humor can fill a room with laughter in seconds. She never asks for anything and constantly gives to others. My mother is a shining example of what a mother is and I love all of her outstanding attributes.


Mom - Rebekah Sagar
Nominated by daughter - Clarissa Sagar

Where to even begin! She works so hard for our large family, is continually cheerful on the rainy days, and has homeschooled nearly five children for the entirety of their lives (and counting!) She is so sweet, a great cook, a gardener, a lover-of-chickens, and the best Mom ever!


Mom - Kathy Brooks
Nominated by daughter - Jenn Thompson

My Mom is the best Mom ever because she taught me how much Jesus loves me and wants a relationship with each one of us.  She worked hard to put us through Christian schools.  As an adult, she has partnered with me to read through the Bible every year.  She is a retired nurse who cares for my aunt, as well as working at 2 volunteer jobs and baking amazing bread!


Mom - Hannah Kelling
Nominated by daughter (and her family)  - Maddy Kelling (Timothy, Annabelle and Benjamin, too)

- She can take kerra (care of) 4 kids and make food for 5 people and put her kids to bed and take them out for a woke (walk), Love Maddy Kelling  (sent via email and written by Maddy, age 6).  
- My Mom is the best Mom ever because she makes stuff for us so we don't have to make it. She plays with me, she lays down with me sometimes. She lets me hold Benny (baby brother). (sent by Timothy Kelling)


Mom - Amber Sharp
Nominated by son - Myles Sharp

My name is Myles Sharp and I am 12 years old. My Mom is the best Mom ever and here is why. My Mom has done a lot for us. She does daily household things and some things that she shouldn't have to do. Having to take care of four kids is enough but having to take care of two special needs kids in that bunch is unimaginable. You have to give them extra attention and still deal with the rest of us. How does she do it? She has to do all of that and still has time with me and my sister with things that we are doing. She has no time to do things she wants to do for herself. We love her so much because of what she does for us. That is why she is the best Mom ever. We love you Mom!

Jonah, Myles, Kaitlyn and Lyla.

Mom - Heather Lust
Nominated by daughter - Ashlyn Lust

I love my Mom because she has always been there for me through thick and thin. Every day is a new adventure with her, and I am super happy that she is my Mom. She is an awesome supporter for me through dance, the fair and extra beef shows. She is everything that I could ever ask for in my life as not just a role model but a Mom.

Mom - Heather Meier 
Nominated by Husband and Daughter - Justin Meier & kids

"Rebekah Ann says: She does everything for me.  She plays games with us.  And she is a great teacher! Anytime any of us get hurt she is always there to make sure we are okay. Even when I am struggling with my school work she does not give up teaching me.  She is the most amazing wonderful mother ever.  I love my Mommy very much! Daniel Joseph says: She is very loving and caring and understanding.  She is also very fun. She is wonderful in every way possible.  Anytime we are feeling sad she ALWAYS knows how to cheer us up!  I love my Mom very much! Dinah Renee says: I love my Mom because she is most kind and unselfish person that I know.  She teaches the Lord Jesus in every lesson at home which is a great blessing to me.  I love how she is always there for anyone at any time.  And that even my friends love talking to her.  I love the relationship that I have with her.  I also love how she is teaching me life skills if the Lord allows me to become a Mommy and wife one day, I will be better prepared and I want to be just like her.  I do not know what I would do without her. I love my Mom very much. And from her loving husband:  I am so blessed to have Heather as my wife and watching her be the VERY BEST Mom to our 3 precious children.  Heather gives of herself each and every day and ALWAYS puts others before herself.  She loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart and it shows in EVERYTHING that she does.  She graciously teaches our children and guides our home as a shining example of the Proverbs 31 woman!  She truly goes above and beyond in all that she touches.  I am so thankful to be able to watch her care for our home and children.  I love you honey and hope that you have a fantastic Mother's Day! "

Mom - Kathy Brooks 
Nominated by daughter - Stacy Williams

My Mom is the best for several reasons: first, she loves the Lord and raised us with faith; second, she is great at making everything special, with favorite meals for Birthdays and holidays that are filled with fun family time. I love my Mom because she is my mother, my friend, and a great role-model who is constantly letting the Lord refine her and work through her.


Mom - Brandy Weyhmeller
Nominated by daughter - Reagan Marshall

I love my Mom because she has been the best supporter of my brother and I and is the most selfless person I have ever met. I think my Mom deserves the best Mom award because of everything she has done for our family.


Mom - Diane Hammond
Nominated by daughter - Lyndsey McPherson

She's always so encouraging and supportive. Growing up she always put her needs above everyone else's. She gives tough love when you need it and lets you vent when you need to do that too. She's been through a lot of really tough rare and debilitating health circumstances over the past few years and have never wavered in her faith.

Mom - Terri Smith
Nominated by son - James W Smith

My Mom is one of the most amazing people I know. She is the epitome of sweetness and lives a life of service to everyone around her. She is one of the kindest and most caring humans I have ever met. I am overwhelmed by all she has done to sacrifice for me, my sister and so many others. I can't say enough about her and what she has meant in my life.


Mom - Anda Tew
Nominated by daughter - Riley Tew

Because of the way she cares and serves. I’m often surprised by how much she wants to know me. She wants to get to know my friends, she wants to understand what I am thinking and dreaming, and she wants to hear how I am growing in Christ. She also serves me in so many ways, the biggest of all is through prayer. She prays for me even when I don’t want to be prayed for and for that I am so thankful. She gives of her time for me on a daily basis by listening to my frustrations, answering my questions, and just making me dinner. For all of these reasons my Mom is the best Mom ever!


Mom - Cathy Burgess
Nominated by daughter - Elizabeth Burgess

She’s dedicated her entire life to loving and serving the God and others. What an incredible example and encouragement she is to me, my brother, and so many others! Love you Momma!


Mom - Melissa Gregory
Nominated by daughter - Taylor Gregory

She is kind, caring, helpful, and very supportive. She travels 8 hours in one day to watch a game that takes an hour and a half and is always willing to talk even if it’s the middle of the night.


Mom - Cathy Shinaberry
Nominated by daughter - Deborah Smith

My Mom took off over a decade from working as a teacher to stay home with myself and three younger siblings and home-schooled us until the youngest was old enough to go to school.  As a result of this, she worked many years past when her peers were retiring.  She finally retired in October!  She is a devoted grandmother to my nieces and nephews, travelling from Kansas City to England and Turkey to see them (and my siblings). She is always willing to help us with anything she can.  When my grandmother became ill my Mom spent countless hours finding the best facility that was close and then visited constantly, taking care of anything she needed until she passed away.  I could talk all day about the things my Mom has done for others.  She volunteers at church as choir director, and helps run VBS in the summer, etc.  What sums her up is that no one works harder to take care of others than my Mom.


Mom - Kathy Bolon
Nominated by daughter - Renee Bolon

My Mom puts my family first in everything she does. She continues to live life to the fullest with her heart that is full of love.

Mom - Kathy Greenich
Nominated by daughter - Olivia Greenich

I love my Mom because she is a strong, devoted, and caring servant. She is an incredible woman and influence to many people, including myself.


Mom - Diane Simmons
Nominated by son - Michael Simmons

"My mother has always been there and supported my siblings and I through our best and worst times. When we were in school, she never missed a game, a concert, or any other event that we were involved in. As we got older, she was there to help guide us through our failures, and praise us in our successes. Even though we're all adults now with our own families, she will still drop everything in an instant to be there for us. However, I truly believe the thing that makes my mother the best Mom ever is that she and my father have provided me with an example of what a loving, Christian marriage looks like. As my wife and I go through our marriage together I often look to my parent’s marriage as a guidepost. I am so blessed to have my mother and father's examples to follow."


Mom - Kelsey Graham
Nominated by Stasi Culbertson

Kelsey is the kindest most joyful person I know. She always has a smile and a word of encouragement no matter what she is facing in her life. She cares so much for her family and those that her life touches. She has had a very rough couple of years with health struggles within her family, but has faced it while never losing her praise! She is truly an inspiration to everyone that she meets!


Mom - Lisa Wargo
Nominated by daughter - Madison Heflin

My Mom is compassionate and selfless, always thinking of others even when she has her own struggles. She has devoted time and love to my siblings and I and I constantly wonder how she does it. I love her so much and understand I will never be able to give back all she has done for me. However, I am inspired to give continuously to my children as an indirect gift back to my Mom. Her heart and steadfast love for the Lord has enabled her to be overflowing with dedication and humility. I aspire to be her every day. Plus, I believe she needs to take some time for herself and get pampered every now and then. I hope this is her chance!


Mom - Karen Johnson
Nominated by son - Alex Johnson

My Mom is the most loving person I have ever met, never asking for anything but always giving. She is care transition nurse so she has been working all quarantine and taking care of people who have been tested for Covid-19. She works not that far from me, calling people all day and when I would be annoyed she keeps a calm and collected voice and is so sweet to the patients. Aside from work she cares for us all constantly and when I think of my Mom I think 100% support. I am a basketball player for MVNU and in my 3 years here so far she's missed 2-3 games and one of those games was because her step-dad was in the hospital and she was taking care of him. She is my biggest fan and I am hers, she motivates me, inspires me and pushes me to be the best person I can be. She is the best!

Mom - Dawn Palya-Maharry
Nominated by daughter - Grace Palya  

I love my Mom because she has sacrificed so much for me. She truly shows me the love of Christ by how well she serves others and persevered through one of the hardest season of our life, when she had to pack up my sister and I (and all 5 pets!!) and move to Ohio all the way from Florida, by herself, just to support her kids & keep her job! She did all of that with no family here in Ohio and a brave face on. She has shown me true unconditional love—as close to the love of the Father I could get!


Mom - Linda Styers
Nominated by daughter - Angela Styers

She gives her love and support no matter what. She has been there for me in triumph and trials. She is a great example of Christ’s love.


Mom - Teresa Moon
Nominated by son - Darren Moon

She tries harder than all the other Moms and would beat them all in a fight.

Mom - Kelly Russell
Nominated by daughter - Annalise Russell

My Mom makes good food.  And she lets me sleep in.


Mom - Cyndi Atkinson
Nominated by son – Eddie

I love my Mom because she adopted me. She loves me no matter what. She teaches me about Jesus and how to pray.  She is the best Mom ever because she’s kind. She builds with me, builds Legos, makes crafts and we have a lot of fun. She laughs with me and I think she is very special!  My Dad died and she does great job of being Mom and dad, thank you for letting me share


Mom - Pam Roberts
Nominated by daughter - Jenn Ballenger

My Mom is the best, because of the way she loves.  She is someone who ALWAYS puts others before herself.  She looks for ways to help everyone around her, and she advocates for those who need it.  She is a fierce protector and fighter for those she loves, and she has adopted (both officially and unofficially) many other children who have needed help throughout the years.  My Mom has endured many hardships throughout her life.  However, instead of allowing those situations to make her bitter, she has allowed God to take them and use them for good in her life and in the lives of others.  My Mom is a beautiful, godly example of grace, strength, and love.  I love you, Mom!

Mom - Diane Knoll
Nominated by son - Joseph Comparette

I love my Mom because she has done her best to make sure her children are provided for and are prepared for the future. We've never had fabulous wealth, but she's also made sure my sister and I were never lacking something we needed or really wanted. Even with that, she was sure to put something away for us so we could attend college, something she was never able to do. She's put up with a lot, effectively being a single mother later in life, but I think she's raised her kids well and set both of us up to be upstanding adults, but of course, she would still like to keep in touch and help as needed. Love you Mom.


Mom - Stephanie Z.
Nominated by daughter - Terra Z.

I love my Mom because she is my best friend! She is the most kind, loving, wise, and supportive person I know. I truly do not know what I would do without her cheering me on through life and through nursing school! The love she has to give is infinite and I aspire to be the woman and mother she is one day. I could say "thank you" a millions times for everything she has done for me, but it wouldn't be enough. I love you SO much Mom!


Mom - Susan Santangelo-Barkeloo
Nominated by friend Stracy Cleveland

I am Susan's Friend Submitting for her daughter Elise Swingle whom passed 9/21/2019. Back on 1/18/2013 Elise wrote to her Mom Susan for her Birthday and posted this on Facebook:
“Mom, I am so blessed to have such an Amazing and Wonderful Woman as my Mother.  I don't know what I did in my past life to deserve her, but it must have been something good.  I Love you so much Mom! Happy Birthday! :D Love Elise”

I want Susan to know that Elise's Love for her still Exist even though she has passed on.  Susan can hopefully find comfort in knowing that Elise is Safe in her Heavenly Fathers Arms. Love, Stracy Cleveland


Mom - Cheri Switzer
Nominated by daughter - Emily Conrad

I love my Mom because she is exceptionally caring and the most selfless, intelligent, and empowering woman I know!


Mom - Wendy
Nominated by daughters - Kyndall & Kelly

Our Mom, selflessly leads us to Christ. She cares for everyone around her with her whole heart and we could not be more thankful to call her our mama!


Mom - Kim Laws
Nominated by daughter - Molly McKinley

I love my Mom because she has always supported me. She is such a hardworking individual and is such a good role model. She calls all of her friends and family daily to check up on everyone and helps us out whenever we need it.


Mom - Jennifer
Nominated by son – Zach

She is strong when I’m weak especially in her faith


Mom - Betty Aileen Spearman
Nominated by son-in-law Cephas Macklin

I would like to nominate my mother-in-law Aileen, (since my Mom died over 20 years ago). Mom has accepted me into the Spearman family with open arms (I married her daughter).  She loves me as one of her own.  I am so thankful for her and the love she shows me. She is very generous, kind, caring and loving.  She is definitely the Best Mom Ever and would be well deserving of this honor from WNZR.  Thank you!


Mom - Kellie Wolfe
Nominated by son - Ryan Wolfe

"When I think of the ways in which I love my Mom, words will never do it justice. I love my Mom indescribably and unconditionally because she does so much for me. First, she loves me and takes care of me. She makes a large sacrifice by putting my wants and needs before her own. She shows me love and care every single day and I am extremely appreciative of that. I love my Mom because she helps me grow in all areas of my life. She keeps me accountable spiritually, academically, and athletically. She pushes me to become the best I can be in all of those areas and more. I love my Mom because she does so much for our family. Like she does for me, she puts the wants and needs of all her family members before her own. She is selfless and loving. She is one of my biggest supporters and one of the biggest fans of the Cougars. I love my Mom for more ways than I can express. My Mom is the best Mom ever because of all of the things that I have mentioned above. My Mom is fun, wise, humble, caring, and so much more. She is the best Mom ever because of the sacrifices she has made and will continue to make so that my older sister and I will have the opportunity for a great life. Look, I understand that many students will nominate their Mom for this. However, my Mom is the best Mom ever, and she is all I could have asked for in a Mom. I can assure you that you will find no better Mom than the Mom that is mine. "


Mom - Marta Mendez
Nominated by daughter - Kiara Rodriguez

I love my Mom because she is my biggest supporter even though I’m far from home she continues to support me & believe in my dreams & goals. She is the best Mom ever because of her beautiful loving heart.

Mom - Betty Aileen Spearman
Nominated by granddaughter - Sandra Spearman

"Grandma is the best!!  She loves all of us grandkids unconditionally.  She says, "You're all my favorite"" and there are 16 of us!!  And she has great grandchildren too, but I am not sure how many. She lives just down the road from us so we were at grandma’s house a lot growing up!  She will be 88 on her birthday (May 29th). She and grandpa have been married over 60 years and they have 6 grown kids.  She has shown us how to love with all your heart, mind, and soul.   We love her so much and I hope she wins!"


Mom - Leslie Spearman
Nominated by daughter - Sandra Spearman

My Mom is the best!  Here are some of the reasons: Even though she has diabetes she is still able to work and care for my dad, my two brothers, and me.  She makes really great homemade lasagna and iced tea!  I am away at Army training and she is caring for my cat. She is well deserving of this honor!  Thank you!


Mom - Chandra Ruminski   
Nominated by daughter - Caitlyn Ruminski

I have never met someone so generous and giving. She always goes out of her way to help someone else and rarely does anything for herself. I don't believe "no" is in her vocabulary. She is truly the Mom everyone wishes she had. She is my number one supporter and I want to be hers.

Mom - Mary Jo
Nominated by daughter - Aleigha Parsons

"My Mom has always been my inspiration for life and I will probably cry just typing this. My grandparents didn’t have a lot of money so my Mom grew up on very limited material things but my poppy always made sure there was food on the table for them. My grandparents instilled great lessons on family, faith, and determination into my Mom and she passed those down to me and my two older sisters. My Mom was a Nurse’s aide for many years, was an LPN for 16 years, and graduated with her BSN in 2016 from MVNU. My Mom was never handed anything in her life and gave us anything we could have ever asked for growing up while still teaching us to be humble and kind. My Mom is the most hard-working, determined woman I have ever met and I can only hope to become half the woman she is and hopefully be able to fill her shoes as a nurse because she has left behind big imprints on many lives. My mother helps make sure I have everything I need to get to class and be successful every semester and has done that all of my life. She is the epitome of a great mother. I’m sure me telling her all of this would be better than any gift but I’m also sure she would love the gift too. Thank you for taking the time to hear about my Mom, I could brag about her to anyone."

Mom - Jocelyn Beeman
Nominated by husband - Aaron Beeman

She is a First time Mom to our 4 month old son. No matter day or in the middle of the night her face lights up every time she looks in his eyes. The love she has for him. She is a Full time night shift nurse in Columbus. Travels an hour back and forth to work and no matter how tired she is after a 12 hour shift she has a smile every time! She’s incredible!

Mom - Samantha Stoner
Nominated by daughter - Kilee Stoner  
I love my Mom because she is always there when people need her. She would drop anything to help anyone. She has a heart for people and she loves unconditionally. My Mom provides everything that we need and she loves me and my brother with her whole heart. She has a joy that fills up a room. My Mom is one of the hardest workers I know and she deserves the world.

Mom - Nicole Horn
Nominated by daughter - Rachel Horn 

She has always been there for me. She always made sure I had food and clothing. But it was really the little things she did. When I started college, I was 4 hours away from home. I couldn’t go home because of basketball. I was extremely home sick. She got my whole family on both sides to write me letters. When I was having trouble with basketball, she would workout with me for hours at a time to make sure I was the best I could be. One time she stayed in the gym with me until 11:30! She is a very hard worker and she’s so smart. She’s a podiatrist and owns her own office but somehow she still makes time for me and my sibling. She made it through med school with 2 kids under the age of 3 and got it done on time. I don’t know anyone that can do that. She deserves this because she really is the best.

Mom - Zina Starrett
Nominated by daughter - Brittany Starrett

I love my Mom because she has always been there for me at my worst and my best. My Mom is one of my best friends and I can talk to her about anything. I also love her because she is one of the most kind and caring people I know. She is hard working and never gives up on the task ahead. My Mom is the best Mom ever because she loves all of her children equally and wants the best for our futures. She also supports everything we do. She knows that sometimes we will make mistakes but as she always says, "Family will always be there". 

Mom - Lisa King
Nominated by daughter - Kaitlyn King 

My Mom is my real life superhero. She has worked so hard over the course of her life to accomplish so many things. She went through nursing school and became a Nurse Practitioner while raising kids and working as a manager at a tanning salon. She is my best friend and would do anything for her kids.


Mom - Renee Gallion 
Nominated by son - Ellis Gallion 

My Mom has always had an abundance of love to give out. Her love for Christ is huge and that has resulted in a huge love for her family as well as everyone around her. A simple way to explain that is through her PS messages that she sends every morning for as long as I can remember. They are subtle words of encouragement that she sends out to, a mass amount of, people that she has met throughout the years. Every day I receive a message that informs me that I am loved and thought of in some way, even though we live one state away.


Mom - Kelsey Graham
Nominated by Jen Dean

Kelsey is an amazing Mom!  She has been through a lot over this past year yet, still goes above and beyond for her kids and making life as amazing as possible for them.   She takes the classic saying to a whole new level...."when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade".  Well, she not only makes the lemonade, but, she keeps going and makes a lemon meringue pie.  She's simply an amazing Momma!


Mom - Kelsey Graham
Nominated by friend - Kristin Hankins 

"Kelsey is not my mother, but a very dear friend, whom I believe is most deserving of being recognized as ""The Best Mom Ever,"" though she would firmly disagree. Kelsey is a 31 year-old mother of two; an 8 year-old boy and a 6 year-old girl.  She is married to her childhood sweetheart, Jon, who is was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, 5 years ago.  During that time, he underwent a major surgery and began aggressive treatment, which kept him in the hospital for a week at a time, every other week, for nearly a year.  Thankfully, the treatment worked and he was in remission for 2 years.  Then, in January 2018, Jon discovered the cancer had returned.  Not even a month after receiving the diagnosis, he and Kelsey's chimney caught on fire, which destroyed a large portion of their home, forcing them to leave home for a while renovations could take place.  Their home was restored and more chemotherapy and radiation left Jon in remission again.  However, in October 2019, just a few days after their 10th Wedding Anniversary, Jon had a routine body scan and the Graham's discovered the cancer had yet again, returned.  This time, viciously and aggressively, and spreading throughout his body.  They were told Jon only had 3-6 months left to live but was still a candidate for a trial treatment, which he chose to do and it proved successful....until last month.  Jon has chosen to continue to fight and is currently undergoing more treatment. During the past five years, Kelsey has been a faithful wife, mother, church servant, and co-worker.  She has been constant in her ""normal"" life, attending her full-time job, participating in church choir and children's ministry, leading class parties at her kids' school and organizing family getaways and activities all while keeping up with the normal household tasks that accompany motherhood...all of this, being intertwined with numerous medical appointments and hospital stays with Jon. What sets Kelsey apart from other Moms in trial, is Kelsey's attitude.  Kelsey has not once asked for help, nor has she complained. She is very realistic about her circumstance, yet remains hopeful and keeps a positive attitude.  What is most amazing to me is that, so often, she is the FIRST to offer to be of help and service to others though she is undergoing a terrible time herself.  Kelsey loves her kiddos and has done her very best to make time with their Dad special and without fear, often using Bible stories to bring them comfort regarding his cancer.  She really has been a rock of stability for them. There are no words to adequately describe or honor Kelsey.  She is a rare gem and a priceless treasure.  I am honored to call her a friend and am inspired to be more like her.  Kelsey is deserving of many heroic titles, but those who know her best, would certainly agree that she is definitely THE BEST MOM EVER!!!!!"


Mom - Anita Beal
Nominated by daughter - Elizabeth Beal

I love my Mom because she is the most self-less person I have ever met. She is a hard worker who prefers to be in the back supporting others. She is the best Mom because of her personality! We can cry together, we laugh together, and I love being around her. She makes every day better and she is always there to lend a helping hand. She is awesome!!!


Mom - Martha Stout
Nominated by son - Marti Lowe

My Mom has endured so much in her life and I feel she deserves some extra pampering. She had been married for 18 years to an abusive alcoholic and had to raise my two older brothers essentially by herself. She finally got divorced but was now a single Mom to two teen sons, without even a high school diploma let alone any work experience. She managed to find work and eventually she met and married my father. I came along soon after. Sadly, that husband was abusive as well. She then became the main care taker for my oldest brother after he became a quadriplegic after a bad car accident in 1986, which could have easily taken him us. She cared for him for almost 25 years. She then suffered through his passing away, almost 9 years ago. Mom has said that losing her son was by the far the absolute worst pain she ever had to go through. She has remained faithful to God and feels she has been blessed throughout her life and she really has. She describes it as "having my brother for an extra 25 years" not "having him for only 25 years" after his passing away. She is amazingly loving and supportive mother, mother-in-law to my husband, and grandmother to her three grand kids. She is, in my mind, a shining example of "motherhood". She has always been my biggest cheerleader and is my go to for advice daily. Now she is facing yet another hurdle: she had to have breast cancer surgery in April to remove a tumor and will be facing radiation therapy in May and June. She feels again quite blessed because the cancer was caught early, she doesn't need chemo and her recovery was nearly pain free. I know she doesn't feel like a hero but to me, she is the epitome of Christian faith. She trusts God, she is positive, she helps others and puts others' needs before her own. However, I feel she needs some recognition and she'll kill me for nominating her! I love her and I can't measure up to her nurturing.


Mom - Terri Nally
Nominated by daughter - Monica Nally

She has helped me become a God loving women, and she has always taught me to remember where I came from


Mom - Terri Nally
Nominated by daughter - Katelyn Mullet

My Mom is super Mom! She mothered 9 kids (and all of friends growing up). All she ever wanted to be was a mother and she sure has been a great one. She taught us to live for the Lord. Before we would leave the house as teenagers she would say “Remember who you are and where you came from” and that is something that I always think about when I’m having a rough day. I hope to someday be half of the mother that she is. No matter what she always put us kids first, that is something to live up to.


Mom - Kathy Chadil  
Nominated by Michael Chadil

She helps me with my home Dialysis treatment every day, she takes care of my Niece at a moment’s notice and is always willing to bless others as God has blessed us, and she’s not just a great Mom but great person and an awesome Christian.


Mom - Joanie Garber 
Nominated by daughter - Emily Garber

It took growing into an adult myself to really realize that Mom has already done all this craziness herself in addition to raising me. ...WOW am I ridiculously lucky to have her unconditionally on my team for life.


Mom - Kim Flach
Nominated by daughter - Angela Flach

"I love my Mom so much. She has always gone above and beyond to give me everything I need. She is the best Mom in the entire world."


Mom - Brenda Weghorst
Nominated by son - Carson Weghorst  

I love my Mom because of her endless support and for always loving me and my siblings. We are very blessed to have a woman of strong Christian faith raising us and being in our lives.


Mom - Tracy Bennett 
Nominated by son - Tanner Jenkins

She is the most selfless, determined, dedicated, and loving. She has built a reputable image of herself that displays a devotion to God throughout all walks of life.


Mom - Jennifer Fleak 
Nominated by daughter - Trinity Fleak

My mother is my rock. She’s always there to lift me up on the bad days and make the good days even better. She helps me be a better me, I always go to her when I need advice or need help with a problem. She’s always there for me no matter what’s going on in her life. She constantly makes sacrifices to keep her three kids happy. I honestly believe my Mom is the best. She’s able to overcome any hardship that comes her way. She also encourages me to always look towards God and to keep ahold of my faith no matter what. 

Mom - Kim Hobbs
Nominated by daughter - Rachael Hobbs

My mother, Kim, is simply the most selfless and loving woman of God that I know. When my older sister and I were born she sacrificed her own life and dreams to stay home and raise us in the most loving and nurturing environment she could. She works hard each and every day and plays many roles in our home to keep our family happy and healthy. She has managed our family business from home over the past 10 years, works around the clock as a stay at home Mom, and still takes time to pour into those around her. I feel as if she never asks for anything in return for all of her hard work, therefore this beautiful gift would be such a blessing. She deserves to feel loved and appreciated, and I believe this would bring her to tears and finally force her to take some time off for herself for a change. She is an example of humility, grace, love, and kindness, and I couldn't be more thankful to call her my mother.


Mom - Cindy Townsend
Nominated by son – Brett

I love my Mom because she has always been there for me through thick and thin and does what she can to provide for our family. She gives great advice and she really goes out of her way to be able to do what is best for our family and me.


Mom - Esperance  Nyiramitavu   
Nominated by Fifi Gaju   
Because she’s The one  Who have been taking care of me and wish the best of me since the day I was born and pray for me. She’s the best Mom because none also could have done what she has done in my life



Mom - Nancy Mills
Nominated by son - Ethan Mills   

My Mom is the nest she introduced Christ to me when I was a baby, she has been the most supportive and amazing mother she is a audiologists and sacrificed her career for her kids and she has a doctorate and is now climbing in her career. Every day she reminds me of how much she cares and that she loves me, when I chose MVNU she was so happy for me and she made sure I was ready. Whenever I am nervous or sad or mad she instantly knows it and helps me feel better and she is truly the best Mom in the world and she deserves everything!!!!!!


Mom - Karen Keiser  
Nominated by daughter - Melissa Nowicki

My Mom made sure I've known my whole life that she loves me and that she always wanted a little girl. We've always gotten along, but as I became an adult, we became best friends! She's my first call, go to running buddy, and my biggest cheerleader. I can count on her to support me in everything I do. She is always up for girl’s trips, shopping days (even though she doesn't like shopping), bike rides, or trips to the park, because regardless of what we are doing together, I know she does it because she values spending time with me. I hope she knows I feel the same way and I'm so grateful for the wonderful relationship we have.

Mom - Harriett Edmister
Nominated by daughter - Carol Hess    

"(you can share this on the radio, but don't enter this in your drawing b/c my Mom passed away almost 2 yrs. ago.  Just wanted to tell how awesome my Mom was) My Mom, Harriett Edmister, was truly the best Mom ever! She took us 4 kids to church from the day we were born, which eventually lead my dad to go to church and he grew stronger in the Lord and became an Elder of our church.  So our Mom not only showed Jesus to her kids, but to her husband also. She was known to be timid in her younger years, but later in life came out of her shell. With a heart of gold, she loved with everything she had in her. She served in so many different ways, thru 4-H leader, Girl Scout leader, Bible school teacher, and so much more. She was continually teaching us to be the best that we can be.  When we fell she picked us up, brushed us off and told us to try again.  Her caring, loving, serving personality is what helped make me what I am today.  After she developed dementia, we noticed her slipping away to finally she didn't even know who we were. Our dad passed away in 2015 from cancer and she couldn't understand what happened to him. We watched her as she couldn't even remember how to grieve for him. We took care of her for another 3 years, but after suffering a massive stroke, the Lord took her home and reunited her with our dad.  If I can be just half the woman my Mom was, I feel blessed. I will forever love and miss my Mom, but Heaven gained a true angel that day! Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mom, Love and miss you!"

Mom - Dawn Richards
Nominated by daughter – Savannah

My Mom is super woman. She gets up at 4 am every day to go to work. Here she works hard to ensure her family is well provided for. After this she puts on her hat. Here she cooks dinner, helps my little brother with homework, cleans, and listens to me run my mouth a thousand miles a minute. My Mom is the best Mom. She loves unconditionally. She is the Switzerland of our family. She will do anything in the world for everyone and asks for nothing in return. My Mom has been my best friend my whole life. And I just hope that one day I can accomplish everything she has as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, and worker. She is beautiful women inside and out and if I can be 1/2 of who she is I will be an amazing Child or God. Love ya Momma.


Mom - Janae Stevens 
Nominated by daughter - Victoria Stevens

Growing up, my Mom sacrificed her dream to be a nurse in order to take care of us kids, and from then on, she has continually been the most selfless person in my life. I would love to be able to give back to her just a sliver of all she’s done for me, and I think this gift would do that perfectly.


Mom - Lora Armstrong
Nominated by William Armstrong

I think she is the best and I love her because she is kind, loving, and fun.

Mom - Lora Armstrong
Nominated by daughter - Brysen Armstrong 

Because she is caring, patient, loving, and comforting.


Mom - Carrie Vail      
Nominated by sons - Rowan and Dalan Vail

Our Mom is a Fitness Instructor that teaches multiple different classes all week long and sometimes 2 per day. She is an adjunct voice professor and teaches lessons at MVNU. She is also in the process of getting her Music Education Master’s Degree. On top of all that she still has time to help us with our amazing meals and everything else that is needed to help run our very busy schedule for our family.


Mom - Debbie Murray
Nominated by daughter - Elise Murray 

I love my Mom because she is a very caring and generous person.


Mom - Jann Klopfenstein    
Nominated by daughter - Lauren Klopfenstein

She is always supportive and encouraging in my endeavors and is has always been so selfless.


Mom - Denise Hoffer
Nominated by Brendan and Elizabeth Dubé

"I love my Mom and think she is the best Mom ever because she is an amazing, strong woman who has been through so much, has faced much difficulty in her life, but has never given up. She has successfully raised 4 children by herself, and has always fought for each one of us -- from the very beginning. To give you an example, when my Mom found out that she was pregnant with me, she was overjoyed. But at her first doctor’s visit, I did not have a detectable heartbeat. The second visit revealed no heartbeat as well, and at that time, the doctor scheduled a D&C procedure for my Mom (so that she wouldn’t develop an infection). She went home, cried, cried out to God, and prayed. When it came time for the procedure, my mother refused to go through with it and persuaded the doctor to check for my heartbeat ONE MORE TIME. AND THERE IT WAS! HER PERSISTENCE SAVED MY LIFE! "


Mom - Deanne McClain     
Nominated by Bethany McClain 
She does more than she knows for me and my family. She always puts others before herself and would do anything for her loved ones. She is an amazing teacher, mother, wife, and friend and is very deserving of this prize.

Mom - Joy Wilson      
Nominated by daughter - Bethany Woods

My Mom is the best example of a Christian, loving wife, loving parents and prayer Warrior for anybody I grew up in a pastor's home and she was the best example of what a pastor's wife should be. Very loving, caring, great encourager, listener, leader and everything else in between. For the last 12 years she has lived in Kansas and recently moved back after my dad retired to Mount Vernon. This last year has been amazing for my family especially my children to get to spend time with their nana and papa. As my son pointed out the other day, he said Mommy, you know what Nana Smiles all the time. And he's right :-)


Mom - Dr. Pheba George
Nominated by daughter - Natasha Jose 

My Mom always makes time for me and my brother even though she and my dad are very busy. My Mom is very loving and caring and is the best Mom ever!


Mom - Renee Russo   
Nominated by Edward Russo  
She plays games with us, cooks excellent food, her Dark chocolate homemade Graham crackers are the best! And pretty cheerful even though the last time she made the dark chocolate homemade graham crackers, her chocolate steamer broke and she lost hers too. (pun intended). Always by the bed side if we are sick. She is a totally awesome Mom! And I love her.

Mom - Suzanne Spence
Nominated by daughter - Mary Spence 

My Momma is the best! She is always there for her family. She will drop everything to help her children, grandchildren or anyone else in need.  She is head cheerleader for her children's and grandchildren's activities. She is always up for an adventure - whether it be traveling across the states to visit grandchildren or rocking out at a concert - she is always ready to go! She doesn't know a stranger, there is no such thing as a quick trip to anywhere! Over the years she has done so much for the community and for her family. She has received many accolades and awards but her biggest trophy would be for best Momma!


Mom - Doris Shira
Nominated by Deanna Shira Tackett
She is 86 years young and still takes care of my dad 24.7. She has been an inspirational example for the entire family and servant to the Lord through her continued works at her church.

Mom - Amy Chaney  
Nominated by daughter Olivia Chaney  and siblings

"I thought it would be best to let all 10 of my mom's kids speak for themselves (from youngest to oldest). We love our homeschooling mommy very much!! I love mom’s nice smile and her eyes and her hair and that’s all. She’s the best mom because she’s makes dinner. (Sister, 2 years old) I love mom because she’s so nice. She’s the best mom because she’s just the best. (Brother, 4 years old) I love mom because she doesn’t have crazy hair, she has really nice hair. She’s the best mom because she plays and draws with me. (Brother, 5 years old) I love mom because she is so good to me. She’s the best mom because she helps me with all the stuff I do. (Brother, 7 years old) I love mom because she helps me with my math and stuff. She’s the best mom because she takes care really good care of our family. (Brother, 9 years old) I love mom because she helps always helps me with my school. She’s the best mom because she always encourages me to never give up during hard times. (Sister, 10 years old) I love mom because she is very kind and sweet. She’s the best mom because she helps me with anything and always gives me encouragement and advice. (Sister, 13 years old) I love mom because she’s always willing to help me and she’s also really funny. She’s the best mom because she’s always gives me a second chance and she always listens to me. (Brother, 14 years old) I love mom because she invests time in our family and she supports me and always sees the best in me. She’s the best mom because she works hard for her family and always gives time and attention to every one of her kids. (Brother, 16 years old) I love mom because she’s so caring. She always goes the extra mile to help anyone she can. She’s the best mom because she strives every day to put Jesus first in everything she does and teaches her children to do the same. (Me, 19 years old)"


Mom - Betty Smith     
Nominated by Beth Singrey

There are too many reasons to tell you why I love my mom and why I feel she is the best mom ever, but I will try to keep this short and hit the high points.  My mother raised 6 children and survived.  She has survived the death of her husband of over 50 years and survived the death of one of her sons.  She has been beside three of her 5 surviving children as we were each treated for and beat cancer.  Through all this, she has been the epitome of trust in Jesus.  She has been an inspiration to many.  She is always smiling and always has a kind or encouraging word to say.  Her favorite scripture, that she refers to often, is Psalm 91:4, He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.  My mom has helped me to become the woman I am today and I am forever grateful!  I love you mom!

Mom - Jean Whittington      
Nominated by daughter - Tomi Ward   

My mom is super involved with my children’s lives! It is such a blessing to have Godly, praying mother who makes the time to invest in your grandchildren! I am so thankful for her! Love you forever Mom!


Mom - Lois Casto
Nominated by daughter - Nikki Freeman

"Mother of 7 kids. . . born in 1936. . . She’s seen and experienced a lot . . . with tons of love in every step. . . . several years ago - mom started saying ""Love You Enough"" to me. . . it came from this: (want to share it with your radio listeners) From Erma Bombeck:  ""Someday, when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a mother, I’ll tell them…

  • I loved you enough to bug you about where you were going, with whom and what time you would get home.

  • I loved you enough to insist you buy a bike with your own money, which we could afford, and you couldn’t.

  • I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover your hand-picked friend was a creep.

  • I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your bedroom, a job that would have taken me 15 minutes.

  • I loved you enough to say, “Yes, you can go to Disney World on Mother’s Day.”

  • I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, disgust, and tears in my eyes.

  • I loved you enough not to make excuses for your lack of respect or your bad manners.

  • I loved you enough to admit that I was wrong and ask for your forgiveness.

  • I loved you enough to ignore “what every other mother” did or said.

  • I loved you enough to let you stumble, fall, hurt, and fail.

  • I loved you enough to let you assume the responsibility for your own actions, at 6, 10, or 16.

  • I loved you enough to figure you would lie about the party being chaperoned, but forgave you for it…after discovering I was right.

  • I loved you enough to shove you off my lap, let go of your hand, be mute to your pleas and insensitive to your demands…so that you had to stand alone.

  • I loved you enough to accept you for what you are, and not what I wanted you to be.

  • But most of all, I loved you enough to say no when you hated me for it. That was the hardest part of all.""

After she told me about it, and how much it meant to her. . . . We now say it to each other. . .  Love You Enough. . . .

I love you mom with all my heart, Nikki Freeman"


Mom - Casey Gray
Nominated by daughter - Rachael Gray

Mommy plays with me a LOT!  Mommy helps me when I need help with school and she gets stuff for me that is too high to reach. I love mom because she loves me.  Mom makes things for me like: box fort tunnels, box fort mazes, forts, and ball pits. Mommy lets me sleep beside her sometimes. Mom does things for me that she does not want to do like: Go in the bouncy house, plays games she does not want to play, go to the Apple Valley Golf Courses OPEN playground and bring my scooter!


Mom - Jessica Ryals
Nominated by son - Simon Ryals 

I love my mom because she always lets us watch TV early, watch a lot of TV, and last but not least, she helps us when we are stressed out.
Also nominated by daughter - Sadie Ryals
She is kind and helpful. She always meets my needs. I think that me and my siblings can agree she is the BEST MOM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mom - Cindy Wilfong”
Nominated by son - Luke Wilfong

She has always been there to take care of our family and winning this gift would really be a blessing for her and our family. I don't have a lot of money to get my mom a huge gift, but I want to show her how much she is loved and cared for. She has always shown love to everyone around her and she is much loved. I love her because she pushes me to do things that I would have never known were possible without her support. She means the world to me and if she were to win this gift I would be so thankful and I know she would love it!


Mom - Shelly Hurlow
Nominated by daughter - Erinn Lawson

I love my mom so much because she raised us 4 kids to love God with all of our hearts and always stood right by our sides through anything and everything we ever faced. She is the most loving and giving person I know and this past year has been such a tough one for her with losing her dad (my grandpa) and losing her mom (my grandma) not too long before that. She is loved by so many people and I hope that she knows that. She is such a loving grandma, as well, and all 8 of her grandkids adore her!! We love you mom, Nina, Mimi, grandma!!


Mom - Kim Kohl
Nominated by 2 daughters:

Morgan Kohl - She teaches me about God and loves me no matter what.
Alexis Kohl - She takes care of me and teaches me about Jesus.
Hannah Kohl - She reads to me. She sings songs to me.


Mom - Sharon Reena Ralston
Nominated by daughter - Abigail Ralston

My mom lost her mother in late December of 2019. Even when she was hurting the most she had ever hurt, she was there for me and all her siblings and children. She is the oldest of three and a mother of three and step mother to two more. She is always there no matter what, for all of us. If it weren’t for her my youngest brother, sister and I wouldn’t have even heard of MVNU. She is an alumni of 81 and 83! She always manages to put a smile on someone’s face. She made me the person I am today and after everything she’s done for my family I believe she deserves as much time as she wants to herself.


Mom - Janice McCament
Nominated by sons - James and Keven McCament

"We love our Mom for opening her heart completely from the day we were born to love, encourage and protect both of us. Her arms have hugged us tightly in prayer every one of our days, while her hands and her steps in life have shown us how to follow the Lord.  Our Mom is our biggest prayer warrior, never ending encourager and now, as adults, forever and always our friend. 

We think she is the best Mom ever first because she is always showing us the different ways she loves us. Second, because of how she demonstrated the different ways she deeply loved our Dad during their years until he passed away.  Third, Mom shows all of her family, and her friends, this unconditional love while also being such a talented teacher, writer and poet, and musician at her piano.

But she always has time for that just right encouraging note, word or prayer for us. Thanks for being the best Mom ever from Day 1!!! 

We love you forever and always!!! 

James & Keven      


Mom - Tara Hagy
Nominated by daughter Emma   
My mom is the best mom ever because she has taught me how to love God and love others. She is the best listener I know and the kindest, wisest, most loving mom alive. I can talk to her about anything and know that she will always love me and be proud of me. She truly is amazing in every way.

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