WNZR is hosting the “Best Dad Ever” Contest for Father’s Day!


Congratulations to our winners in WNZR’s “Best Dad Ever” Contest for Father’s Day!
Thanks to everyone that entered our “BEST Dad Ever” Contest!


We want to congratulate our 3 winners that were selected from a random drawing: George Hartz and Mike Valentine of Mount Vernon and Joe Vaughn of Fredericktown!

Each Winning Dad receives the “Best Dad Ever” Care Package valued at over $370!
It includes:
- An overnight stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel (valued at $100)
- Dad's "Ultimate Car Care Kit" from Auto Zone including spoke and rim brush, microfiber towels, No Scrub Wheel Cleaner, ArmorAll Cleaning Wipes, Wash and Wax and Protectant, Turtle Wax Tire Shine and Super Hard Shell Finish - all in a nice large Auto Zone bucket! (valued at $65)
- 18 holes with a cart for two from Irish Hills Golf Club (valued at $58)
- CDs from Newsong, One Sonic Society, Grayson Reed, Mosaic MSC and Austin French (valued at $50)

            - Wide Open by Austin French

            - Heaven by Mosaic MSC

            - Walk by Grayson Reed
            - Great Are You Lord by One Sonic Society

            - Swallow the Ocean by Newsong

- $20 gift certificate to the Gospel Christian Life Shop

- Three $10.00 gift cards to Tim Hortons ($30)

- Three Large, Single Topping Pizzas from Papa John’s ($30)

- One NIV Bible
- Plus WNZR goodies including a WNZR Baseball Hat, a WNZR Car Sun Shade, Lunch Bag and some great items for Dad’s daily life!


WNZR thanks the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel, AutoZone, Irish Hills Golf Club, Gospel Christian Life Shop, Tim Hortons, and Papa John’s Pizza for their donations to our “BEST Dad Ever” Care Packages. 

The WNZR Staff was overwhelmed with the amazing messages about these wonderful Dads! We hope you can take a moment and enjoy reading through all the entries below. 



Winner #1:

Dad - George Hartz of Mount Vernon

Nominated by Son - Caleb Hartz      

My Dad has allowed me to follow my dreams and become who I am today.



Winner #2:

Dad - Joe Vaughn of Fredericktown

Nominated by daughter - Cassandra Vaughn

My dad will do anything and everything to provide for our family. He is a godly man and a great role model. He has shown me love and kindness and is such an amazing example.



Winner #3:

Dad - Mike Valentine of Mount Vernon

Nominated by his son Chase and daughter Hanah.

Chase says - He will do anything for me and my family. He plays with me even when his ankle hurts. He loves me so much and is the best Daddy ever!

Hanah says - My Dad sacrifices every day for our family. He has gone through so much and still manages to put his family first. No matter what happens, I always know that he loves me. He deserves so much in this world. He always manages to smile and joke no matter how totally bad me or my brothers have screwed up. It’s not easy to raise a 17, 15, and 11 year old. In my opinion, Dad and my Mom do it the best. I love him so much, I love his caring personality, his protective side, his goofy side. I just love him, he is the best!




Father: John Charles Wythe
Nominated by daughter: Candace Gillespie  
When I was a child dad felt called into the ministry, he worked full time night and attended the Bible College, then Ashland’s College to become a pastor, but he still work full time at coppers to support his family and ministry. He has been a pastor for 2 small churches while still working full time at coppers. Between the jail house ministry and taking care of the churches people, he has still found time for me. As a child, I would get to stay up at night until he came home and we would watch a movie together. Since he has retired we go swimming. But the years have gone fast and his health is not what it was. He is strong in his faith in God. He tells me God isn’t finished with him yet but it may be soon. I just want him to know how proud I am that he followed the path God had for him even know it was not easy.                                                


Father: Stacey Sullins 
Nominated by daughters: Kyndall & Kelly Sullins   
Dad is strong, thoughtful, honest & hard working! We love love our dad so much & we are thankful to be his daughters!!                                                    


Father: Mahlon Lapp 
Nominated by son: Seth Lapp      
My dad has always pushed me to do more, to learn more, to be more. He has always supported my many projects, even the frivolous ones that cost him time and money. I would not be here today had he not pushed me to learn about everything and supported me in learning everything I wanted to know about.                                                   


Father: Steven Hurst  
Nominated by daughter: Abbi Hurst     
My dad has always been the goofiest, strongest, and most amazing guy I know. He always shows me what it means to love your family, God, and significant other, how to get things done, and how to have a laugh while doing it. He’s very driven and I wouldn’t be the person I am without him.                                                     


Father: Bob Smith      
Nominated by daughter: Bethany Flanagan  
My dad is the best dad ever because he is the best grandfather ever. He shows his love through how much he loves his granddaughters. He plays dolls with them, teaches them to fly a kite, and acts silly with them. He constantly brags about them to others and will go out of his way to make sure they have everything they need in life. There are not enough words to thank him for everything he has done for me, and my family. We love you "BobBob".                                                 


Father: Lyle Dickey    
Nominated by son: Kyler Dickey  
My dad has supported me through everything I’ve done at MVNU, whether it be grades, sports, or my major and I think this is a good way to show my appreciation for how much he has done for me over the past 20 years.                                                    

Father: Bryan Thompson    
Nominated by son: Jacob    
My dad is the best dad ever because he did not have to be my dad but he chose to. He is not my biological father but has never treated me like anything but his son. He gives me advice and went to all my baseball and basketball games. Now that I am getting older I realize even more how important it was to have him in my life as a father, mentor and all around support person.                                                 


Father: Kendrick Flanagan  
Nominated by wife: Bethany Flanagan
Kendrick is the best dad ever because he always provides. If his girls need a hug, he's there. If his girls need his help getting dress, he's there. If his girls need a bath, he's there. No matter what, he shows up. He makes his family a priority, and shows love and compassion no matter the situation. The girls and I love you. Thank you for everything.                                                 

Father: Kevin Breakey
Nominated by daughter: Loralei Breakey     
I love my dad because he always works his hardest to give all three of his girls the best lives we can have! He never complains about anything and he never forgets to show us how much he loves us!! He provides for our home and leads us so well in follow Jesus as a family!                                               


Father: Brian Thompson     
Nominated by daughter: Samantha Lopez    
He’s been so supportive my entire life. He’s always so humble and would give anyone the shirt off of his back. He’s been the best dad anyone could ask for.                                                   

Father: Lee Rowlinson
Nominated by step-daughter: Madison Krebs        
I love Lee because he is my stepdad, but has always acted like a dad to me. He had to raise my sister and I when we weren't even his own children and you would never know that he wasn't our real father. He was the leader of our house spiritually and is the reason that I am who I am today. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, he challenged me to do the right thing all the time, and he was always there to listen if I needed help or advice. My favorite thing that he does to this day is write letters to us on big days of the year. Every year on the first day of school he would write my sister and I both handwritten letters of encouragement and prayer. Every Christmas morning he would write us letters telling us how we can behave better and be shaped by the Lord more. On my graduation day, he wrote me a letter explaining how proud he was of me and how I can accomplish anything. These little expressions of love continue to be my favorite thing about him. Lee deserves the best dad award because he truly lives Christ's love out every single day and he deserves to be celebrated today.                                                    


Father: Adam Sanders
Nominated by daughter: Chloe Sanders        
He is always there for me and ready to pick me up and encourage me to go beyond my comfort zones. He and my mom have a loving relationship and have created a loving family in which to grow up in. He is very hard working and has a hard time stopping and relaxing at times. But is willing to still spend time and hang out with us. I love you Dad!                                             


Father: Todd Lynch    
Nominated by daughter: Makayla Lynch
He has raised me up to be the strongest and most independent that I can be. A lot of girls don’t get that and I am blessed to be one that has.                                                 

Father: Mike Wirick   
Nominated by son: Leython Wirick       
He has always been there for me and helped me become who I am today.                                                  


Father: Troy Donaldson      
Nominated by son: Caden Donaldson   
I love my dad for many reason, from his loving heart, to his big personality, my dad has it all. Most importantly, I value my dad because the love he has for Jesus Christ and the way he raised me to love him as well. My dad has always pushed me to do great things in life and has always done everything in his power to help me achieve my goals and aspirations. He is one of a few reasons I fell in love with sports and I will forever be thankful for that. I know everyone believes they have the best dad in the world, but I seriously do. I have the best earthly father solely because he raised me to firstly always claim myself as a child of the Heavenly Father                                                      


Father: Joseph Leija   
Nominated by sons: Jayden and Zackary Leija       
He's the hardest worker we know.  He's a great role model.  He went back to school at MVNU to finish his degree at 50 years old.  He puts his family first in everything he does.  He's a Godly example and takes us to the movies whenever he can.  We love him so much.                                                 


Father: Rob Hovorka  
Nominated by daughter: Kayla Hovorka       
He has always went out of his way to be there for my sister and I at all of our events for school, sports and anything we need. We are more like best friends than father daughter.                                              


Father: Chris Friday   
Nominated by son: Jacob Friday
He’s funny and caring and a great leader!                                                


Father: Alfred Mushosi       
Nominated by daughter: FiFi Gaju
I love my Dad for his pure love that he has for everyone, he’s the best Dad ever when it comes to giving me advice and teaching me the word of God! I always learn something new from him every day.❤️                                                   


Father: Cameron Karger     
Nominated by daughter: Addison Karger      
My dad has always been so supportive of me and influenced me to make decisions that please the Lord. His character is loving and fun                                              


Father: Robert Gorham      
Nominated by daughter: Becky Rockwell      
My dad is the best dad ever.  He is a strong and compassionate person who has taught me these values.  I look up to my dad with so much pride and respect.  I value his opinion and he values mine.  I can remember as a little girl holding my daddy's hand and thinking that I had it all and that he would protect me from the world.  I love him with all my heart and I cannot have imagined not having him in my life.  I am so blessed.  The greatest gift I ever had, came from God and I call him Dad and he belongs to me!                                                 


Father: James    
Nominated by: Jonah Poole
He is a Columbus police officer and always puts other people before himself.                                    

Father: Jose Rene Diaz        
Nominated by son: René Díaz      
He left his home country to start a new way of life for himself and our family. Leaving family, friends, and everything he owned for a better life, the American Dream. Not knowing the language or anything about The United States, he still came and made things work. Everything we have is thanks to him and his sacrifices throughout his entire life. I love him, more than he can ever imagine.                                                  


Father: Will O'Donnell        
Nominated by son: Ryan O'Donnell      
I love my dad because he's an amazing chef and can grill a steak better than anyone I know.                                                


Father: Eric Rogers    
Nominated by daughter: Bethany Rogers     
Because he has always showed how much he loves me, he always makes time to build stuff with me, and take me to baseball games!                                                     


Father: Bryan Wilson 
Nominated by daughter: Makenna Wilson   
I call my dad Buddy, because he has always been my buddy. We have shared so many memories through 4-H and showing rabbits and steers. He works so hard every day to provide for our family. I know I can always count on him for anything and he will always be there                                               

Father: Randy Boersma      
Nominated by daughter: Alexis Chapman     
I love my dad because he always offer a listening ear and he is goofy. He is the best Dad EVER because I know I can trust him and talk to him whenever :)                                              

Father: Charles Epps Jr.
Nominated by son: Stephen Epps
I love my dad because he is always there for me, he works hard to provide for are family, he is always there to cheer us up when we are down, and he helps teach us how to live according to the word of god. He works hard to get to every meet we have, and all ways there to meet us at the finish line. No matter what he is going through he pushes for us. All five love him with all of our hearts.                                               

Father: Gary Galaszewski   
Nominated by daughter: Molly Galaszewski
He is always there for me, and he is always supporting me. He puts others before himself all the time.                                                 


Father: Michael Hinton       
Nominated by daughter: Olivia Hinton
I love my dad because he does everything he can to make my whole family happy. He is very unselfish and loves my sister, mom and I so much. He is always there to help me when I need it no matter the problem. He also seems to know the answer to every problem I have lol!                                               


Father: David McDowell     
Nominated by daughter: Victoria McDowell
I love my dad because he’s always been my #1 guy! He’s the best because he has taught me so many things about cars and machines and almost everything there is to life! He never fails to give good advice when I need it and he’s always been the fun dad! He’s the goofiest guy I know and that’s why I love him!                                                 


Father: Paul McNeal  
Nominated by daughter: Sydney McNeal      
I am blessed to have this man as my dad. He has always done anything and everything he can to make me happy and I wouldn't be the woman I am today without him. He is the smartest, wisest and funniest man I know. I am so proud of him and everything that he has accomplished from, working to finally get his college degree to become a teacher to now working on getting his masters. He is so hard working and deserves so much in return for all he has done for my family and I. I love him for teaching me about life and helping me grow in faith. He is truly my everything and I am so thankful!!!                                                   


Father: DeeEl Haight
Nominated by daughter: Lavonna Haight     
I think that my dad is the best dad ever because he has instilled in me the best trait of all, being myself even when it is hard. My dad has always supported my dreams, and will for many years to come. My dad is the reason why I am confident in my life choices and my ability to be myself.       


Father: Wayne Reynolds     
Nominated by daughter: Krista Clutter
I love my dad because he has always loved me.  When I was little, he loved me by being my super dad and working to provide for our family.  I would sleep in my bed at night and see him working at his desk and fall asleep knowing my dad was there.  When I was in middle school, he loved me even though I thought I "knew" everything.  He just let me try to be myself with a lot of direction from him.  When I was in high school, he loved me by encouraging me in my basketball and in teaching me how to serve and be a light to those around me.  When in college, he loved me by supporting me financially and always being willing to help me no matter what.  He cheered me on in all of my soccer games.  Then now, that I am married and with three grand kids that absolutely love him, he has loved me by showing me the true example of how to love my family.  My dad passionately cared for my mom, who was in and out of the hospitals and nursing facilities for many years, right up until the day she went to be with the Lord over 10 years ago.  He has shown God's love each day and that means more to me than anything else I could say or moments I can remember.  I love my dad and he is my best dad ever!                                              


Father: Michael Pozderac   
Nominated by daughter: Katie Pozderac       
My dad is the most amazing dad!! He is a wonderful teacher and encourager. He loves the Lord and has seen His constant faithfulness and unconditional love play out in his own life. He absolutely adores his family and is a Godly leader in his home. We love how he makes us laugh! His jokes are some of the best I’ve ever heard! We are all so thankful for you, pops, and we love you tremendously!!!!!                                                    

Father: Edward Leake
Nominated by son: Simon Leake 
He does everything possible even through tough times to make his kids happy. He doesn't ask for anything, nor buy anything for himself. He not only is the sole provider for my family, working 12 hours shifts most of the week, he is the sole provider of happiness in the household. Although he has little time to his self he still has the time to ask us how our day was and cook for all of us kids as a single parent. He truly is the best father, man, and human on planet earth.                                                  


Father: Jason Huizinga        
Nominated by daughter: Ashley Huizinga     
My dad is the strongest person I know. Despite having had cancer twice, two jobs, and a never ending busy schedule, he never complains. He loves to make sure we are all happy and filled with joy, even if he is tired from working so much. He never gives up, and I love that so much about him!                                                     


Father: Josh Beckett   
Nominated by daughter-in-law: Samantha Beckett        
Josh is a great father-in-law! Josh loves to work with his hands and always has a project in the making. He is very hard working and loves to see his family happy!                                                 

Father: Tommy Lobdell       
Nominated by: Stephanie Lobdell & kids       
I love Daddy because he is kind and strong. I love Daddy because he sprays whipped cream in my mouth!                                             


Father: Larry Clifford 
Nominated by: Kaitlyn Clifford    
He is always there for me and will drop anything to help me. We are very close.                                                 


Father: Anthony Gniewek   
Nominated by daughter: Noelle Gniewek     
Growing up my dad has always been my best friend. I knew and still know I could tell him anything without fear of judgement. He has worked incredibly hard to provide for me, my two sisters, and my brother. He was at every softball game (he even coached a few of my teams), every basketball game (even though I only played one season), and every bowling practice and tournament. When I was frustrated after one of my games, he would let me rant on the way home and just listen. He always knows exactly what I need to feel better. He is the best dad ever because he's hilarious, light-hearted, and exactly the type of man I want someone to be to my future kids. I'm honored to say I've had a constant friend since I was born, someone to always laugh with, rant with, and support me. Anytime I question anything I've done thus far and will do in the future, I ask him what I should do. His answer is always the following; "do whatever makes you happy because no matter what, I will always have your back." He deserves the absolute world, he's always been given the short end of the stick, but I hope to give him what he deserves when I graduate and start my career. He is truly the best man I have ever met and I wouldn't wish to have anyone else as my father.                                                 


Father: Jim Phillips     
Nominated by daughters: Trinity and Gracie Phillips     
We love our dad because he is loyal, faithful, kind, loving, and supportive, gentle, caring, he's so funny and he loves us so very much!   He plays with us and he also teaches us about our Jesus!  He sticks by us through all the bad stuff in the world and is so protective. He says we are his little angels and he says we make his day worth it all. He tells us we are beautiful, loving and smart.  He is a hard worker and he loves music and traveling!  He makes everything perfect for us! He is always right there when we have different things going on in our lives. He has proudly watched us sing, dance, and get awards! He takes the time to watch our shows with us, plays games with us and just takes time out for his big bear hugs!!  We are so blessed to have him as our dad and we love him so much!    He is everything a daddy should be and more!  He is the best dad ever!!!  He deserves everything in life!!  We love you daddy!!          


Father: Kyle Tocheff   
Nominated by daughter: Madelyn Tocheff   
My dad is the best dad ever because he is always there when we need him. If we are having a bad day, he always does something silly to put a smile on our faces. Or if we are having trouble during sports, he always knows what to say to help us get back on track. And he also loves us a lot! So my dad is the best dad ever because he loves us, he's silly, and he loves us a lot!                                                  

Father: Alvin Barkeloo        
Nominated by: Stracy Cleveland on behalf of daughter Elisa Swingle
I am entering this contest for Elise Swingle in honor for her Dad.  Elise was a dear friend of mine whom lost her life in a tragic car accident and went to be with the Lord in September 2019. Elise loved her dad so much and in the words of her Mom the following memory is cherished about her Dad:  "I am so grateful that you and I met your Dad, he was the best thing that ever happened to us.  Because of him and his family you lived a fun full life with many adventures. You were part of an amazing family that loved you like their own."

Alvin you were an amazing Dad to Elise The love she had for you and the memories you shared can never be forgotten and she will live on in your heart forever.  I pray that you find comfort in knowing what an incredible daughter you raised and how she showered everyone she met with sunshine just as you did for her. God Bless! - Stracy                                                   


Father: Dave Knepper
Nominated by daughter: Courtney Knepper 
My dad is such a good role model for me. He works hard every day to support my family. He is always willing to teach me new things and has been a big part in shaping me to be the responsible adult I am today. I am so thankful for my dad!!                                                   

Father: Jose Oommen
Nominated by: Pheba
He is a great person because he makes time for his family, no matter how busy he might be.                                               


Father: Eirik Pottet     
Nominated by daughter: Leah Potter   
I love my dad because he is a truck driver for XPO Logistics and works about 16 hours every day and still gets to come home every single morning to see his family and spend time with us before he goes to sleep for another night at work! My dad is also the best dad ever because he pushes through his crazy sleep schedule to watch me play softball during the school season and over the weekends during summer ball. He has stayed up for over 48 hours before!                                                  


Father: Ron Keiser     
Nominated by daughter: Melissa Nowicki    
My dad is compassionate and caring. He has been a wonderful Christian father and leader in our home. He has not only been a great dad to my brothers and me, but has also been a great role model and support to the hundreds of students he has coached, taught, and lead in youth group over the years.                                                     


Father: Travis Porter  
Nominated by wife: Chelsea Porter     
Travis is an incredible Dad! He is always making us laugh, always working hard for the family, and always putting others before himself! He leads our family with the love of Christ! We are so lucky that he is ours!                                                      


Father: Kreigh Hurst  
Nominated by son: Joseph Hurst 
I love my dad because he is seriously like a superhero. My father helped my mom raise 8 children all while serving 19 years in the United States Army, then after retiring, moved to Colorado Springs to study ministry at Nazarene Bible College in order to become a full time pastor in the church of the Nazarene. He did not just become the father of 8 kids while doing those things, he poured into each of our lives and truly made each of us feel loved and cared for by not just him but ultimately by our Heavenly Father. My father is the greatest spiritual leader I know. He has always been intentional about teaching us scripture and showing us how to interpret it and understand it in deeper, more meaningful ways. There have been countless nights where I remember staying up to all hours of the night, just sitting at the table with him and discussing scripture and theological questions that I had. My father has always been there and has always been willing to listen, talk to, and care for each of his children (even though there were a lot of us). Some days it seems like he never stops. He works, he does projects my mother asks him to do (takes time and lots of asking but he eventually prevails) he reaches out to those who may be struggling within in our church and our neighborhood and simply pours the love of Christ into them, he is also always willing to help any of us kids with anything almost at any time. He is one of the most loving, caring and genuine men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My dad truly is a superhero and he has always been there to save the day.                                                   


Father: Terry Rankin  
Nominated by daughter: Ashley  
I love my dad because he truly embodies what it means to be a dad, I know he would do anything for me and it really means a lot, He works 7 days a week and then comes home and makes dinner. I want him to know all his hard work for our family doesn’t go unnoticed and that he is so loved.                                               


Father: Richard Ranck
Nominated by son: Ian Ranck      
He works full time and also runs his own small farm. He works endless hours to provide for the family and is the most generous person I know. Fun fact: He knows how to give birth to a breeched calf                                                    


Father: Jeremiah Armstrong       
Nominated by son: Brysen Armstrong  
He gets me yummy food.                                                

Father: Jeremiah Armstrong       
Nominated by: William Armstrong
I love him because he is a great person and cares for his family. He is the best because he is a Godly man and helps out with everything.                                                 


Father: Benjamin Smith      
Nominated by son: Steven Smith 
He raised me in the faith and he’s always there for me.                                            


Father: Kris Kleber     
Nominated by son: RJ Kleber       
He is there always there to take care of me and he is someone that I want to be like when I’m a father and yes he is the best dad ever.                                                      


Father: Andrew See   
Nominated by daughter: Ean See
I love my dad because he has supported me every step of my journey. He loves me unconditionally, even when times are tough. I am very grateful for everything he had done for our family!                                                    


Father: Gary Butts      
Nominated by: Georgia Frank     
He is the only constant throughout my entire life. Also he is my biggest support. He wants me to succeed in everything I do and will help me in every way he can. He is the reason that I am who I am today.                                                  


Father: Steve Grooms
Nominated by daughter: Allie Grooms 
My Dad is one of the kindest and caring people I’ve ever met. He loves Jesus with all his heart and has so much love and compassion to give to everyone. He is also a pastor and he has given of himself so much over the years, and it has been wonderful to have such an amazing man to be my dad.                                               


Father: Brian     
Nominated by daughter: Cassie  
He’s the best dad ever because he puts other’s needs above his own, he’s hard working, and he’s always there for us. Most importantly, he is a good example of what a follower of Christ should look like for me. I am very thankful for my dad!                                                   

Father: Bill Shackelford      
Nominated by daughter: Kaylin Shackelford 
My dad is the most hard-working, encouraging, kind, wise, and loving person. He has supported me through all of my endeavors. He is a role model and an example of what a Christian life should look like. He welcomes people with open arms and treats everyone with kindness.                                                 


Father: John Kahrig    
Nominated by daughter: Kaitlyn Kahrig        
I love my dad so much! He has always been there for me through everything! My dad is someone I look up too. My dad has beat cancer 4 times! He recently beat it again! He has been through so much that nobody should ever go through. My dad has been through many surgeries, chemo treatments, and radiation. The ending result was a colostomy bag which he did not want at all because my dad is very active and loves doing things! My dad is my hero! My dad goes above and beyond for me oven though he has been through so much! I believe my dad is 100% the best dad around! He is so funny and sweet. I love my dad to the moon and back!                                              


Father: Jeffery Sooy   
Nominated by: Alisa Jenkins        
He stepped up and became the father that I originally did not have. Supporting me through every step of the path I decided to travel. In the years that I have been able and grateful to call this man dad, he has never once let me down. He showed me the true meaning of being a dad. Never once has he put me down for what I have decided to do. While there are moments I may have disappointed, he turned those into moments to teach and prove to me that he always has my back. He has never let me down and through thick and thin, he has been by my side. This whole thing might seem a bit cliche, however the first years of my life were tough without a father figure, when he stepped up, he showed me my purpose.                                                   


Father: Sonny    
Nominated by daughter: Lydia Wicks
My Dad is one of the most selfless and loving people I know. He puts others before himself and loves people wholeheartedly. I love my Dad because he cares about his faith in God more than anything else and cares about his family more than anyone else. He is not afraid to stand up for what he is passionate about/in all that he does.                                                  

Father: Rendell Shira 
Nominated by son: Levi Shira      
My Pappy lets me drive the 4-wheeler and he is so careful so I don’t crash. He taught me school when I couldn’t go to school. He plays baseball with me. He lets me help feed the animals. I love him. Love, Levi                                             

Father: Tyler Dennis  
Nominated by daughter: Clara Dennis 
He takes me fishing and teaches me things.                                              


Father: Don Harding  
Nominated by son: Paul Harding 
I'm grateful for the quiet, confident guidance my dad has always demonstrated. He leads by example, and is always looking to learn about and understand the things around him. His ability to fix almost anything has always amazed me!                                                


Father: Jeffrey Styer  
Nominated by son: Josiah Styer   
My Dad is the best Dad because he does for us. He is loving, kind a compassionate. He also tells hilarious Dad jokes. He'll sacrifice his time to help us with homework and school projects. He's also fun to hang out with. We have movie-nights when it’s our birthday, he alternates between my other siblings to taking us to Troyers, a donut shop. My Dad is a fun and loving Dad and I think deserves to win this contest                                              


Father: Chuck Hagy    
Nominated by daughter: Emma Hagy  
I love my dad because he has the kindest heart. He loves every single person he meets.                                               


Father: Jim O’Neil      
Nominated by daughter: Abby O’Neil  
My dad has always shown how much he loves us in different ways. Whether it’s leaving the porch light on for when we come home or buying us ice cream after a hard day, he never fails to show that he cares. We love you dad!                                                


Father: Mike Williamson    
Nominated by daughter: Melia Williamson  
He works extremely hard at work and at home and never really seems to get a break, but he still has patience with his crazy family and invests time with us all.                                                 


Father: Thad Hicks     
Nominated by wife: Sarah Hicks  
He’s a brand new dad and would do anything for our little son.                                                   

Father: Jeff Cundiff    
Nominated by daughter: Katie Cundiff
My dad is the kind of person who will sit up late with you until 2 in the morning to give you advice even though he has work at 6 am. My dad is the kind of dad who would drop anything to make sure I have what I need. My dad is the kind of dad who loves well and cares for me unconditionally. He is selfless and so deserving of a prize like this because he never buys himself anything because he’s always getting my siblings and I things! He is a man of Christ and daily shows me that example.                                                  


Father: Roger Shannon       
Nominated by daughter: Carissa Shannon    
My dad is the best dad ever because he is the best provider a family could ever ask for. He is truly a perfect example of what a father, husband, and man of God should be. He is very deserving of this award.                                               


Father: Greg Beach    
Nominated by daughter: Hannah Beach       
My dad has lived his life in a house full of girls and could not do it with more grace. He loves unconditionally and takes pride in raising each of us girls to be strong, independent, God-fearing young women.                                                   


Father: Michael Brake        
Nominated by daughter: Kelsi Brake    
My dad is the best dad ever because he is so supportive of everything I do. He is always pushing me to be my very best. He and I also have the same sense of humor which is pretty amazing. We are always cracking jokes and laughing together. I wouldn't trade him for anything.                                                  


Father: Paul Gray       
Nominated by daughter: Rachael Gray
My dad is the best dad ever because he paid to go to The Great Wolf Lodge and the YMCA water park and he rides with me on fair rides (even though he doesn't want to go on those rides)! He went down the outdoor pool side (that was hilarious!), he takes me to playgrounds and he gives me hugs, kisses and tackles! He swings me REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY high! He prays with me and tucks me in at night, and makes forts for me! Daddy plays with me A LOT! My dad is the BEST DAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD!                                                


Father: Greg McClain
Nominated by: Bethany McClain 
He is a hard worker and loves the Lord. He is a great dad, husband, and friend.                                                   


Father: Fred Fullerton
Nominated by daughter: Carla Swallow        
My dad will be moving to Ohio soon, so he if wins he can enjoy the prizes!

My dad is probably my favorite person in the world. He is humble, he is funny - has all the best (worst!) dad jokes, and he lives his life with integrity both in public and at home. He's a great example to me, he loves my mom well, and he would do anything to help others. He also makes the best popcorn I have ever eaten.                                                



Father: Bill Perry        
Nominated by daughter: Rachel Perry 
My dad always says that he could never love anything more than his 8 kids and I did not realize how much he does until recent years. Over the years through all of the ups and downs that we all have been through he has shown us what true love looks like. When people think of true love they may think of people in a relationship but I think of how my dad loves when it comes to his children. He has shown us how to be kind, how to give of ourselves, how to be strong in our faith, and has been a role model of a father. He also is the best dad because he always tells dad jokes and makes us laugh! Our big happy family would never be the same without him!                                                  


Father: Paul Napier    
Nominated by kids: Jimmy & Leah Napier    
I love my dad because he plays Minecraft with me. He plays baseball and catch with me outside. My dad tells me it's important to help each other and I listen to him. I love to go on vacation with my dad and my family. We make lots of Minecraft plans. He is my best friend ever and takes care of me when I'm sick. -Jimmy, 7

I love my dad for so many reasons! Whenever you ask my dad to help you with something, he always is quick to help you and doesn't complain (unless he's in a bad mood- sorry dad). He is the funniest person I know and cares a lot about our family. He's taught me to treat others with respect. My dad has taught me to rely on God and I am stronger in my faith because of it. He is the best dad ever! -Leah, 13


Father: Mark Doll      
Nominated by daughter: Katie Doll      
I love my dad because, for my entire life, I have watched him love people through his pastoral duties (and beyond). He has been a constant picture of wisdom and patience throughout my life and I know that he prays fervently for his children and grandchildren.                                            


Father: Eric Briggs     
Nominated by daughter: Shelby Briggs
I love my dad because he unconditionally loves his kiddos and shows it every way he can. From a young age, he has taught us to how to be tough when life is hard, but to trust that God has good in store for us. For example: when I moved from Iowa to Ohio to attend MVNU (about a 10 hour drive away), it was pretty tough on my dad to see his youngest move so far away, and me to move so far from my family. After my mom passed away a little over four years ago, it’s been difficult for my dad to do things he enjoys. It has been especially difficult for him to visit me, as I live so far away and it can be expensive to travel such a great distance. Though the distance has been tough, God has shown his goodness to both of us through it. I would love to surprise my dad with this “Best Dad Ever” care package because it can be hard to show my appreciation for him living so far away. Additionally, this gift would make for a great and inexpensive getaway, a fun-filled weekend (we love to golf together) and an excuse to come visit his little girl. Thank you for considering my entry, and God bless you all!                                                


Father: Robert Bowers        
Nominated by daughter: Julia Bowers 
My dad has always been my best friend, my mentor, and my example of Christ-like love. He makes me feel empowered to conquer challenges in my life and he supports me through my mistakes and hardships. He has also made investing in his faith and in his family a priority even when it is difficult. He has always been present in my life, and not just physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I don't know what I did to be so blessed, but I hope he understands how much I appreciate his constant love and support.


Father: Jeremy Hochstedler
Nominated by daughter: Lakeshia Hochstedler
Because he takes us on vacations. He works to give us money and food.                                              


Father: Herbert Spearman 
Nominated by daughter: Jill Spearman
Wow, where do I begin?  I love my dad so much.  He is a genuinely kind, caring, loving, and generous person.  He is such a great model to the younger generation. He has always been a very hard worker and still has a big garden he takes care of, only to give away most of the produce to others. He (and my mom) raised six kids and they are very active in all of their lives as well as their grandchildren and great grand children's lives.  My dad survived three cancers (bladder, lung, and prostate).  He is the master at loving everyone unconditionally. He would give the clothes off of his back and go without to help others. I have seen him help others and go without because material things really don't matter to him. He is a wonderful example of a Best Dad!                                              


Father: Jeff Wargo     
Nominated by step-daughter: Madison Heflin       
Jeff is my step dad, but acts as the true father figure in my life. He is full of love, and looks to serve people all around him. He slows down his day to care for others intentionally and is always willing to have vulnerable and open conversation with strangers or loved ones. Jeff is inspirational and thorough as a follower of Christ. He deserves this gift for all he does on a daily basis!                                               


Father: Rodney Mills  
Nominated by daughter: Ethan Mills   
My dad has always worked his butt off to give his family everything! He grew up poor as can be and he worked tirelessly to get what his family needs me and my older brother are in college and for a very long time he has worked over 50hrs each week to pay for college and he deserves everything and when COVID hit he had to take Forced time off And I want to give him an amazing gift for Father’s Day and he has to make up all the time he was forced off                                                     


Father: Duane Kendall
Nominated by daughter: Sydney Kendall      
My dad is everything and more than what a father should be.  He is the best protector, one of the smartest people I know, a wonderful encourager, my built in coach for every sport I have played, a mechanic for my car troubles, an IT guy for my technology troubles, a strong spiritual leader, and one of the most selfless people I know.  And I am convinced no person on this whole earth gives a better hug than my dad, no one.                                                                                                                                                        

Father: Randy Orsborn       
Nominated by: Kara, Aaron Lucas        
He is always ready to help in any situation at any time of day.                                                    

Father: Paul Tennefoss       
Nominated by daughter: Sarah Tennefoss    
My dad is the most selfless person I know and he does everything in his power to make me happy. I could not ask for a better dad. We joke about everything and end up laughing until we cry. He taught me so much over the years. He taught me how to treat others right and how much God loves me. I am still learning something from him every day. He is my biggest role model and always will be. I think he deserves so much more than I can give him. He inspires me to push toward my dreams and to be a better person. This week he took me camping and made my favorite dessert over the fire. He does these little things for me and the rest of my family and asks for nothing in return. I am so lucky and thankful to have a great dad.                                                   


Father: Tyrone King   
Nominated by daughter: Taryn King    
My dad goes above and beyond every day to serve his family and the Lord. He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet and loves socializing with others. His favorite thing to do is tend to his garden outside that is where he finds his time to talk with God and appreciate his creation. My dad has always been such a huge role model to me and has encouraged and supported me throughout my whole life. I love you dad, you truly are the best dad ever.                                                     


Father: Nicholas Gotschall  
Nominated by daughter: Nora Violet Gotschall     
Do you know a Dad who is caring, selfless, generous, compassionate, loving, thoughtful, sweet, smart, charming, handsome, funny, sweet, altruistic, outstanding, inspiring, thrilling, joyful, blissful, radiant, wondrous, fantastic, delightful, dashing, splendid, exceptional, impressive, and absolutely AWESOME? Well I do! My Dad is all of these things and so many more. From baking bread with him in the kitchen, taking walks with him in the field, caring for my chickens, or hugging him, everything I do with him is incredibly enjoyable and fun. My Dad is most definitely the BEST DAD EVER!!!                                                   

Father: Nick Gotschall
Nominated by daughter: Iris Gotschall 
I think my dad is the best because he is kind, loving, caring and creative. When I fell and hurt my head, he helped me at Urgent Care. I like to watch storms on the porch with him, and I really like taking care of animals with him. This is why I love my dad and think he is the best.                                                   


Father: Matt Russo    
Nominated by son: Peter Russo   
He plays catch with me and takes me fishing, we love working on the tractor together in the garage and we love planting in the garden. He takes me hunting a lot and its really fun.                                            


Father: Timothy Smith        
Nominated by step-son: Matt Stover    
Tim is my step dad and he has taught me many lessons in life.  He proves time and time again that DNA doesn't make you family.   He has stepped up not only for my Mom but also for myself and my siblings.  Long before my mom and him were married, he supported our family so my mom could stay home with my little sister.                                                    

Father: John Manders         
Nominated by wife: Erika Manders      
He is such a hard worker! He not only takes care of us (his babies) he goes to work every day taking care of at risk youth, who are in and out of foster care. He is such a Godly leader and is so special. He constantly makes us feel important and so incredibly loved. We love you daddy!!! Thank you for being the best daddy ever!!!! Love your baby girl Addi, and little man Deklan.                                                     


Father: Mike Schirtzinger   
Nominated by: Wyatt and Piper Schirtzinger
Our dad is the best because he practices soccer with me, takes me fishing and makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches! - Wyatt age 7.

I love my daddy because he likes to snuggle with me, makes me breakfast and drives me to gymnastics! - Piper age 5. 


Father: Richard Ketchel
Nominated by son: CJ Ketchel
I nominate by Dad because he was a large part in helping me cement my faith in Christ and he always seems to have the right words when I need life advice.


Father: Rodney Weikel
Nominated by: Radley, Bayoni, Bonnie & Charly Weikel
Charly: Daddy is the best because he helps clean up my messes and teaches me how to use the potty.  I love that he has a doggy.
Bonnie: I think Daddy is the best dad ever because he gets us cereal.  He snuggles with me all the time and watches good movies with me. He always is happy at me. He always smiles and do-s stuff with me.
Bayoni: I like daddy because he makes breakfast and lunch for me sometimes. He helps make food. He always plays Legos with me and makes the coolest creations with them. I like having alone time with him.  He is the best because he makes time for me. He makes me feel special and important. I love you best Daddy!
Radley: I think that Daddy is the best ever because he makes sure that we are at school on time. He helps make sure that I do all of my homework well. He helps me know how to be a good person.  He is always there for me and helps anyone.  Sometimes people don’t even ask for help, but he does it anyway.  He loves helping people. Whenever I am having a bad day he makes me smile. He also has taught me how to fish and hunt. I like that. He is my superhero!

Father: Greg Lust
Nominated by daughter: Ashlyn Lust
I love my dad because he is the most thoughtful person I know. He will make sure that when you tell him something is wrong, he will figure out a way to fix it or make it better. He knows how to cheer everybody up even when he is down himself, and is truly an all-around amazing person. He has always been there for me since day one, and I cannot describe the impact he has made on my life. I can literally tell him anything and I know it is safe with him. He is an amazing supporter for me through my 13 years of dance and now as I am becoming a better beef cattle shower and a better animal caretaker in all. He is not only there for me though, he is there for my brother, his fair daughters, and anybody else who has claimed to be his "daughter", he supports them too. He is overall just one of the best people I know, and I am thankful to call him my father.

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