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WNZR is celebrating 37 Years in Ministry

On October 1st, WNZR celebrated the station’s 37th Anniversary!

We had a great time at our 90+9 ice cream giveaway.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the MVNU campus to celebrate with us.
A special thanks to Round Hill Dairy for partnering with us. We had 99 cups of ice cream! (They are all gone!) 😊


If you would like to share how God has used WNZR to impact your life, or how you have been blessed by our music or programming, please send us a message!

You can email us at OR use our WNZR App to share your story.  

On our WNZR app, there is a feature called “Open Mic”. It can be used to record a 15 second audio message. This feature is super easy to use and can be used to record your message about the Lifeline.  There is also a “Submit Media” feature that allows you to send a photo or video. We would love to see you and your family celebrating in your WNZR T-Shirts!


Click HERE to see pictures from our Anniversary Ice Cream Party! 


The Lifeline, celebrating 37 years of ministry! WNZR - the more you listen, the more you hear!

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