WNZR is celebrating 34 years of ministry!  
Thanks for helping us celebrate our 34th Anniversary on October 1st!  

We had a great time hosting a special “Throwback Thursday” with music, memories and praises. 

We hope you enjoy this special video and the full timeline of WNZR's best moments (see below). 

Thank you for your support over the past 34 years.
Thanks for listening. 

Thanks for your financial gifts. 

Thanks for your prayer support. 


We are The Lifeline, 90.9FM, WNZR – the more you listen, the more you hear. 

WNZR is celebrating our 34th Anniversary!

We have compiled a list of “Big Moments”

in the last 3 decades of our radio ministry.

Enjoy these memories with us!



1982 - Mount Vernon Nazarene College applied to the FCC for an educational,

Non-commercial broadcast license in 1982.



  • On January 21, 1986 - MVNC received the construction permit from the FCC.  The 300 foot tower was erected and the transmitter installed in April.  WNZR started to broadcast on 90.9FM in the fall semester of 1986.

  • October 1, 1986 - is WNZR's official birthday as stated in the FCC radio license. Today, 10/1/2020 – WNZR is celebrating 34 years in ministry


1987 – Marcy Street (Rinehart) came in fall semester to study broadcasting!


1993 - November 1993 – WNZR was presented with the Marconi award for format programming achievement from the Loyola Radio Conference.  WNZR won the award by best reaching their target audience with the chosen format.


1995 – WNZR became “The Lifeline”. The station held a campus-wide contest to find a logo that would bring this slogan to life.  The early version of today’s logo was designed by an MVNU art student.


1996 – Marcy Rinehart returned to WNZR as the new Station Manager.  A new morning show hit the airwaves called “Rinehart and Russell” – with Marcy and sophomore Mike Russell.


1997 – WNZR becomes an official partner of Food for the Hungry in December 1997.


1999 – During the summer of 1999, we had a studio renovation of our practice studio where MVNU broadcasting students go through their initial DJ training.



  • WNZR participated in Ohio Family Fest – June 2001.  This activity was connected to the Focus on the Family National Bike Ride for the Family.  Molly Saunders, a WNZR listener participated in the ride!

  • WNZR was the FIRST radio station in the country to be featured on Briargate Media’s website with station affiliates across the world.






  • November 2002 – WNZR’s tower took a massive lightning strike, which left us off the air for 2 days.

  • November 2002 - Plus One Contest…we had a Luau Party and the Plus One members came. This was part of MVNU’s Homecoming 2002.

  • Summer 2002 – The WNZR website debuted. 


October 1, 2003 – WNZR started our on-line broadcast ministry. You can hear WNZR live on www.wnzr.fm


2004-2005 - December 2004 and January 2005 – THE BIG Studio renovation.  WNZR’s main studio for 90.9FM underwent a complete renovation.  This $30,000 renovation was made possible by listener support!  This change has given us a digital studio with the latest broadcast equipment and a state-of-the-art studio for our students.  Please stop by for a tour!



  • February 2005 – Joe Rinehart came to MVNU as the Director of Broadcasting and started a new show called “The Afternoon Drive”

  • July 2005 – WNZR created the official soundtrack for Mount Vernon’s Bicentennial fireworks display.  The soundtrack featured Bicentennial flashbacks highlighting the 200 year history of the city of Mount Vernon.  Station Manager, Marcy Rinehart served as an announcer for the city’s Bicentennial parade.

  • September 2005 – WNZR participates in “Cards for Katrina” – a nationwide campaign of Christian radio stations to collect gift cards for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

  • October 2005 – WNZR coordinates a Knox County drive to support victims of Hurricane Katrina.  “Knox County Makes A Difference” Over $7,000 was collected in one day.  The event involved county-wide collection points, a full line-up of music at Riverside Park, kids’ games at Mount Vernon High School and a live broadcast with WNZR from City Hall.  The event also featured a hog auction where a WNZR listener donated the pork that he won from WNZR at the Knox County Fair.  This meat was auctioned off to give money to the effort.





  • February 2006 – WNZR hosted the annual Valentines Banquet and welcomed Dove nominated artists Bethany Dillon to Mount Vernon.  The event was an intimate dinner and acoustic concert in the MVNU dining commons. 

  • February 2006 – Dove award nominated artist Todd Agnew visited WNZR studios.  He talked about his ministry and gave listeners a special treat.  He played the song “My Jesus” live for us on the air. This was a pre-release acoustic version.

  • June 2006 – WNZR debuts a new website address, www.wnzr.fm

  • July 2006 – Canadian Dove award winning artist Downhere visited WNZR studios.  They talked about their ministry and gave listeners a special treat.  They played three songs from their new album “Wide Eyed and Mystified” live for us on the air. This was a pre-release acoustic set live on the air.

  • August 2006 – WNZR and MVNU sponsored Gospel Day at the Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival.  We welcomed Dove award nominated artist Joy Williams to downtown Mount Vernon.

  • June 2006 – WNZR debuts a new positioning statement, “the more you listen, the more you hear”.


2007 - October 2007 – WNZR partnered with the Knox Network of Christian Ministries for the Greater Knox County Will Graham Celebration.   Over 5,000 people came to these special services held at Kenyon College and 268 people got saved!  Marcy Rinehart served as the Communication Chair.



  • Summer 2008 – The WNZR expansion becomes a reality.  The “old Spanish room” is divided into 3 parts:  a) WNZR conference room, b) WNZR work area and c) MVNU Video Lab.

  • June 2008 – WNZR receives a construction permit from the FCC to complete the tower work for our power increase.  The construction permit is good through June, 2011.

  • September 2008 – WNZR partnered with Premiere Theaters to bring Fireproof to the Big Screen.  Fireproof focused on strengthening marriage.  It stayed in the theater for 6 weeks and over 4,000 people came to see the movie!



  • May 2009 – Big Blue – our station vehicle is purchased from Fredericktown Chevrolet.  It took the entire month to get the logo wrap finished and all equipment installed.  The debut of our (then white) Big Blue happened at the Utica Ice Cream Festival Parade.

  • June 2009 - Big Blue has her first official broadcast at the Danville/Howard Turkey Festival.

  • October 2009 – The equipment for the WNZR Power Increase was ordered.  A 2nd floor was built at the tower site and the electrical portion of the project was completed.




  • May 21, 2010 – WNZR’s power increase project was completed.  90.9FM was increased to 1,300 watts broadcasting to Knox, Richland, Licking and Morrow counties.

  • June 2010 – Joe, Marcy and Rachel Rinehart won a contest to visit the movie set of “Courageous” – the new movie from Sherwood Pictures (the makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants).  Joe & Marcy were able to blog about their experience on the station’s website and in the Mount Vernon News.

  • October 2010 – WNZR debuts a new children’s program for Saturday mornings – Kid’s Playlist.  The show features host Rachel Rinehart and a special guest co-host each week.  The program showcases the guest’s top 5 favorite songs.

  • October 2010 – WNZR replaced 6 computers including 3 broadcast computers and the computer for Associated Press service.  Listener support covered this expense.  The computer upgrade greatly enhanced WNZR’s ministry.

  • November 2010 – WNZR debuts online video streaming of Cougar basketball.  Listeners now have the choice to view the live action of choice home basketball games.  MVNU video broadcasting students participate in the video production.



·10/7/2011, Friday – October First Friday - WNZR’s 25th Anniversary Cake Contest, in downtown Mount Vernon. We hosted the event in the vacant Woodward Opera House storefront and decorated it for our big Anniversary. We hosted a big birthday party where listeners got to vote on their favorite cake. We showcased t-shirts and promotional products from 25 years at WNZR.

·November 2011 – WNZR hosts our 25th Anniversary with a special concert. Dove Award‐winning band Building 429 and three‐time Grammy nominees Leeland joined forces this fall to co‐headline the 30‐city “Sounds of Hope” Tour, which will also feature emerging pop‐rock band Royal Tailor. The concert was part of MVNU’s Homecoming celebration and happened on 11-11-11.


  • May 10-11, 2012 - WNZR provided live broadcasts of the MVNU baseball team’s play in the 2012 NAIA National Tournament Opening Round in Marion, IN.  Joe Rinehart and MVNU Sports Information Director Dave Parsons called the action.

  • June 29- July 3, 2012 - a massive thunderstorm (derecho) results in the loss of electric power throughout Knox County and many parts of Ohio.  WNZR is able to stay on the air due to generator backup and provides updates throughout the entire power outage. The Mount Vernon News does a newspaper story about our coverage on July 14.

  • October 5, 2012: WNZR broadcasts from First Friday in downtown Mount Vernon and hosts “Dogtoberfest.”  This was a dog costume parade around the Public Square.






  • January 17-18, 2013 - WNZR partnered with Care Net Pregnancy Services of Knox County to host two showings of the film October Baby at MVNU’s R.R. Hodges Chapel/Auditorium.

  • April 21, 2013 - WNZR and MVNU co-sponsor “Champions for Life” with the Escape Zone in Mount Vernon.  The event featured guest speakers Kim and Corwin Anthony speaking to teens and young adults about good life decisions.


2013 – 2014

  • June, 2013 – May 2014 - WNZR Radio hosted live remote broadcasts at approximately 30 off-campus community events.  WNZR also hosted three community VeggieTales video premieres on campus in July, November and March. 

  • Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 - Under a new partnership with the President’s Office, Athletics and Marketing, WNZR.TV and MVNU.TV provided live video/audio streaming of nearly 60 home athletic events over the course of this year, 23 chapel services, and two special events – the John Knight Theology Conference and the spring Boesger Business Ethics lecture, plus live audio of another 25 or so athletic events off-campus.



  • February 2015 - Six students were honored by the intercollegiate branch of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) for placing in the organization’s 2015 student production contests and challenges.  The awards were handed out February 25th at the NRB’s annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Wesley Boston (junior) won 1st place in the Radio Original Short Form Feature category.

  • July 2015 - WNZR staff (Joe, Marcy and 2015 graduates Rachel Held and Andrew Yoder) drove Big Blue and attended the Nazarene Youth Conference in Louisville, KY during the first week of July. They provided marketing and recruiting support to the university’s enrollment events and admissions staff.


  • September 2016 – WNZR started the video streaming of all MVNU’s Chapel Services at mvnu.tv
    Joe Rinehart, MVNU Director of Broadcasting coordinated the WNZR Video Team members for all camera and equipment operation and production.

  • October 1, 2016 – WNZR 30th Anniversary – We hosted a birthday party in Hunter Hall in downtown Mount Vernon. We partnered with Happy Bean for free coffee, cupcakes, special giveaways and a slide show highlighting 30 years of ministry.


  • March 2017 – WNZR was able to install and use a new fundraising data tracking software for Lifeline 2017. This software was created by WNZR staff member and Senior, Cameron Davidson as his Senior Computer Programming project. He created unique tracking software specifically tailored for WNZR’s fundraising format and needs.

  • September 2017 – Marcy Rinehart and 4 students attended the annual Christian Music Broadcasters’ Convention, Momentum, in Orlando, Florida. Orlando was in the path of Hurricane Irma, the first category 5 hurricane of the 2017 season.
    Marcy and the students were able to fly safely out of Orlando early on a Saturday morning, just as the State started to close down airports, roadways and all other forms of transportation.

  • December 2017 was a historical year for the annual Food For The Hungry Drive. The WNZR staff is integral in the operation of this campaign, including handling the entire production of the annual Food For The Hungry radio/video simulcast. The 2017 total was $313,691! The goal was $200,00! The experience of being involved with this project will have a life-lasting impact on our students.



  • March 1, 2018 – WNZR met the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) deadline to have the station’s public file posted online. WNZR’s interim Office Manager, Jenna Potts, worked with Station Manager, Marcy Rinehart to complete the 6 month project to meet this deadline. The public file contains station licenses, authorizations, ownership reports, contour maps, quarterly issue reports, donor listings and other FCC required documents related to station operation. This was a huge blessing to complete this requirement for non-commercial, educational stations.

  • June 2018 – Wesley Boston returned to WNZR as Office Manager/Underwriting Coordinator. He serves WNZR as a full time staff member.

  • June 2018 – Jim Ferguson joined the WNZR Team as Contract Engineer. He replaced long-time engineer, Mark Hiner who had worked for the station since 2000. Jim lives in Mount Vernon and has provided valuable support and expertise to our broadcast operation. His arrival was a true answer to prayer!

  • August 22, 2018 – WNZR completed a Station Inspection with the Ohio Association of Broadcasters. WNZR now maintains a certificate of compliance until August, 2021. This certificate gives WNZR compliance with all applicable FCC requirements for broadcast stations. Listener support helped to cover this expense for our ministry.





  • March, 2019 – WNZR was able to cover the MVNU Men’s Basketball Team’s trip to the NAIA National Tournament in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We were able to broadcast each game with live play-by-play coverage of the Cougars. We also provided special video and social media coverage with players, coaches and fans. We produced a special video for the players featuring their family members sharing their thoughts and congratulations on the historic season.  

  • March, 2019 – WNZR partnered with the Knox Network of Christian Ministries to host reviveOH:: Knox County. This event focused on outreach ministry to the community through the training and execution of sharing your faith with others.

  • March 20 - 25, 2019 – Lifeline 2019 surpassed all expectations bringing in over $75,000 with a goal of $64,000. Our theme, God is On The Move, accurately described what was happening in the Knox County community. The WNZR Team celebrated the largest fundraising effort in station history.

November 2019 – Marcy and 7 students attended the first ever CMB University – an interactive broadcast conference specifically designed for college students, hosted by Christian Music Broadcasters. Marcy, Joe and Rachel Rinehart had the opportunity to serve as advisors for the conference, providing input on the scope, schedule and format. CMB University hosted a production competition. All 7 MVNU students participated on separate teams and faced the challenge of creating a marketing campaign for the ministry Compassion International. Rachel Rinehart’s team won. She received a gift package that included gift cards and a pair of professional stereo headphones.
All students were able to make valuable connections with broadcast professionals.